Pirates Rule the lake

PIRATES meet and sail every Thursday regardless of holidays….and last week was no exception with yet again 25 youngsters on the water in a selection of Toppers, with and without sails, and Picos, with and without bungs! The competition for “water in the hull” was close between the sunken Topper and the sinking Pico. From the squeals of laughter the Mums and Dads, preferring to watch from the deck, were not sure who was having the most fun, Gary or his proteges……..!!???we have one more Pirates next Thurs, then Camp sail, 1st Sept which includes an afternoon for Pirates.
Pirates has been a great success all summer despite the appalling weather Thursdays always seem to bring, with numbers of keen youngsters ranging from 14 – 39 in numbers since the first Pirates in April.
Special thanks to our team of dedicated helpers, power boat drivers, ‘floor moppers’, chocolate makers, in fact ‘Uncle Tom Cobley and all.’ Thanks too go to Monica who keeps us all in line.
Pirates would not happen without all the support – Don you have been a diamond – new modern word I am told for Star….!? – we have had a wonderful time, even the gossiping Mums in the Galley and of course without Carole and Gary, there would be no Pirates at all – a big thank you to one and all.
Pirates Rule the lake

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