Summer 3 – Racing Report

Start from Tektona 3p 2p 5s 8p 6p


12 boats set off from the clubhouse on the first blustery morning in July.  Monica decided to skip the race and head back to shore once she had gone up and down in front of the clubhouse a couple of times.


Three more boats retired before the first hour was up, leaving the remaining stalwarts to complete a fast race with more than its fair share of gybes.  The most spectacular event was Chris’s nosedive at the 6 mark – he had just lapped Curtis when a particularly big gust gave the chickens on shore something to cluck about.  Curtis was able to get back ahead, only to be lapped moments later as Chris quickly recovered his composure.


Chris easily held first place for the entire race, with competition for second place between Mark and Adrian being closer.  Even though Adrian used his big sail, Mark was able to hold second place at the finishing line.


The rescue team were heard to comment that they expected more chance to try out their recovery skills, and were particularly disappointed that none of the gybes caused any problems. It must have been torture for David to sit on Tektona for 90 minutes watching the fleet speed by when I’m sure he would have loved the conditions.


1st – Chris

2nd – Mark

3rd – Adrian


Photos to follow…

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