Spring Series 4 – Race Report

By 0930 there was lots of activity in the boat park on a gorgeous cold but sunny morning…but the wind was set to increase…so said metcheck….
Colin and his team had a very busy morning, setting a slalom course from Tektona, using most of the bouys on the lake. The first away was Ryan in his Oppie, followed by Hugh in his Topper – an ‘official’ complaint came from these young men, that the course wasn’t radioed back to the shore before they took to the water…! 26 boats started, with only 17 completing the first lap!! Some unfortuantes had their first swim before they got to the start line. Sylvia eventually started, having had to return to the shore to secure her out haul. Adrian braved the strong gusty wind and took out his Vago, only to have his kite sheet jam, capsized and had to be towed out of the reeds back to the shore. Newton was looking great, spinnaker flying until his crew Ros fell overboard…is this more man over board practice we wonder?? The Laser ‘louts’ were positively flying around the lake between swims!! Peter with a 4.7 sail manage to survive 88 mins before he succumed to the icey water….there was a lot of sail washing to do…Steve wisely went for a Laser, instead of sailing the 505 single handed…..Lynne had taken one look at the wind and decided cooking was her mission for Sunday morning….good choice Lynne!! Young Dan, after his upteenth capsized came in, deciding that cotton shorts with positively blue legs beneath were not the ‘dress’ of the day!!
Big Paul looked positively glowing on his return to the shore…perhaps he had stayed upright for the 90 mins??
The less foolhardy/geriatric sailors, namely Dean, Chris and Monica, preferred to watch the race from the club deck, hot coffee in hands…..there was plenty of action at buoy 7….Mike capsized, righted himself, sailed backwards and briefly ‘camped’ out on the mark, causing a little mayhem for the boats following him……nice one Mike! While Bob and Sylvia both capsized spectacularly on the last lap at 7, as a fierce gust swept down the lake, much to the spectatores delight.
The 2 Bills popped down for a look at the fun on the water…while the leading boats, between baths, kept going/flying for the full 90 mins.
Everyone came ashore exhausted including the OOD team….someone was heard to say she did not have the energy to turn on a light switch!!
It looked as if about 12 boats finished the course, with David 1st, Roland 2nd, 3rd Jon……to be confirmed on the results page.
Spring Series 4 – Race Report

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