Frostbite 7 22/01/12

The Jolly Sailor needed a lie down before I started the race report , so I apologise for the late report.   15 boats started the race , only 6 finished .  The S.O.O.D. had no problem recruiting  members to run the petrol boats , only problem they couldn’t start one of them.  Would the race be abandoned before it even started??????  Finally the petrol lead was fixed and as the wind increase to force 5 they needed both boats.   The course was 5, 9, 4, 1, 6,7.  Will Loy in his Solo showed the sailors how to race and he never even got wet!    Poor Tracey was the first to take an early bath.  I think she wanted to check the bottom of the boat.  It was a rare sight to see Jon having trouble. At one point he was sat on his boat like he was on a horse!  Never seen that before Jon!    So whilst the rescue boat was helping Jon , Mike decided to lend a hand too. Unfortunately he decided to sail in the trees and got stuck! Well done Mike!!!!!!!     The sailors were now getting to grips with the race ,but the Rowland did a spectacular capsize and a four letter word exploded from his lips!  He apologised for his outburst later with a smile on his face!
Will stayed ahead through out the race and took first place , followed by  Steve, then 3rd place Dave and Dave.

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