Gillette Series 19 – 22nd August 2018

It was a good wind tonight coming from the SW about 12-13 mph. Curtis set the first beat down to 4 then 1, 2, 9, 8, 5, 6, 7 and back through the start.

There were 20 out tonight with a mixed bag (net) of boats. As usual the dominant class (in number anyway) was the Laser and the first four back across the line were Mike Tr, Ellen, Mark B and Ralph. Again as usual, the first non-Laser was Newton in his Solo crossing in 5th place well clear of Hugh (Laser), but he was only just ahead of Dave & Ann (Leader), John H (Laser with the same sail number as the leader not the Leader, that other confusion is the Leader and the RS200!) and Dean & Nick (unmistakeable in more ways than one in their Vago). Then there was another medley of closely spaced boats led (but not for long) by Mike A (Lightning) followed by Sally & Nev (Leader), Chris H (Comet), Paul H (Laser) and Dave I (Radial) and Jeremy (Laser). After about a minute along came another motley trio, Mike T (Radial) Dave P (National 12) and Ron (Mirror) with Joe and John behind them trying to get to grips with a Sport 14. Cheerfully at the back of the fleet was Jemima in her Oppie not worrying about her apparent last place.

On the second lap Ellen seized the lead from Mike Tr with the four boats immediately behind them holding station. John H gained a place passing Dave & Ann with Dean & Nick behind them steady (for the first time ever) in 9th spot. Sally & Nev passed Mike A and Chris H passed both of them and Paul H went one better by passing all of them. Jeremy got past Dave I to gain a place as did Dave P and Ron. Joe & John and Jemima serenely carried on at the rear of the fleet except Jemima did not carry on for long as she received the gun at the end of the lap.

At the end of the last lap there had been no change in the order of the first eight boats, but Chris H had caught Dean & Nick to take 9th place. Mike A had repassed Sally & Nev and Mike T had repassed Ron. The final order on the water was –
1st Ellen; 2nd Mike Tr; 3rd Mark b; 4th Ralph; 5th Newton; 6th Hugh

On handicap – she’s done it again ! Jemima moves up to take 1st place pushing Ellen down to 2nd with Mike Tr 3rd . Newton leapfrogs both Mark and Ralph to take 4th place.

Thanks to Curtis and the OOD Team of Fraser, John H, Martin W and Mike C