May Day Pennant

It was a bit frisky this morning with a strong 15-16 mph wind from the SSW with stronger gusts coming through. Mike  A set a beat down to 2 and then a slalom course back down the lake using 4s, 9P, 5s, 8p, 6s, 7s and back through the start, which was not universally appreciated by the 12 bold starters.
Welcome to Julian B who was sailing his first race at RSC in his OK.
Richard S (Radial) started the capsize ball rolling by dipping in the first mark, which pushed him to the back of the fleet. Paul R (Aero 7) got a flyer and pulled out a good lead and came flying towards 6 at the end of the first lap but capsized gybing round. Unfortunately his boom stuck up in the air and he got blown into the bushes and by the time he extricated himself the whole of the fleet had come through. The leader at the end of the lap was newcomer Julian (OK), Newton & Ellen (RS200) were 2nd, just ahead of the Lasers of Jon and David C. Adrian (Laser) was 5th being chased by Ian (Supernova) and Ken (Laser). Then there was a gap back to Hugh & Hadey (Leader) who were some way ahead of the recovering Richard S and Paul R. Plugging away at the back was Rick (Radial) and unsurprisingly Franz  on his flying trapeze (Contender) had decided to stay out and play rather than risk getting wrapped around the mast doing multiple gybes !
At the end of the second lap Julian was still in front but there was little change behind him apart from Ian getting past Adrian.
Coming to the end of the third lap it was Jon’s turn to capsize at 6, but he got going again quickly and only dropped two places rounding in 5th place. Ian moved up to 3rd pushing David C down to 4th and Paul and Richard had caught Hugh & Hadey to move up to 7th and 8th respectively. Ken decided to retire after rounding 7.
The same three led at the end of the fourth lap, but Jon had regained 4th place. Paul R had moved up another place to 6th. David C had crossed the line in 5th but decided to retire shortly after and Hugh and Hadey received the finish gun. Rick was still persevering and at one stage had become completely separated from his Laser which had to be captured by a rescue boat !
Julian was well ahead at the finish and Newton & Ellen looked to be a safe second but then capsized at 8, it looked as if they had saved it as they partially got the mast up but then it slowly rolled over.
Jon who had got past Ian came charging through on the inside but then collided with the RS 200 and capsized himself being ejected from his boat. He got underway again but then had difficulty rounding 6 and decided to go and inspect the buoy line and wash off his boat. Meanwhile Newton & Ellen had just managed to get going in enough time to cross the line in 2nd place ahead of Ian. Paul came through in 4th with Adrian 5th and Jon 6th.
On handicap the positions were –
1st Julian B; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Ian; 4th Paul; 5th Adrian; 6th Richard.
Congratulations to Julian on his win in his first race at RSC.
Thanks (perhaps) to Mike A and thanks to the OOD Team, Jerry, Bill, Chris H, Al and Roland L (who stepped in to help again)


·      Remove plastic chairs from old Mirror shed and clean down for open day use.

·      Tidy/clean clubhouse for open day.

·      Strim grass around clubhouse and next to jetty.

·      Use remaining scalping, nearest to Boat Park, to fill holes in car park/road.

·      Clean weeds from slipways.

·      Tidy red shed.

·      Clean and check rescue boats for damage and missing equipment. (Check list will be supplied).

·      General help for open day.

·      Don’t forget to sign the sheet!

·      Thank you once again for all your hard work. 🕤 👷🛠 😀

Gillette Series 3 27th April

Another brisk wind tonight with a 12 -15 mph WNW straight across the lake and another Island start. David C set a course of Xp, 2s, 4p, 3p, 1p. with X layed halfway between the 4 and 5, near the buoy line.
Ian (Supernova) was first to the first mark then followed by Ellen (Radial), Karen (Laser), Hugh (Laser), and Newton (Solo) in quick succession. Hugh got in a bit of a mess having to give way to Karen and had to have two attempts at rounding and dropped back. At the end of the lap Ian crossed the line in 1st place followed by Karen, Ellen, Newton and Hugh. John H (Laser) came through in 6th closely followed by Sally & Stuart (Leader) and then Richard (Radial) and Julian W crossed the line together. Slightly further back Paul H (Supernova) was having a good battle with Franz (Contender). Then there was a gap back to Dean & Nick (Vago) followed by Chris & Carol (Sport 14) and then another gap back to Rick (Radial). The two Toppers of Ben and Joe were having a close scrap at the back of the fleet.
The positions at the end of the second lap had not changed much, but John H, Julian, Paul H and Rick had all gained a place and Joe had got past Ben in the Topper battle.
By the third lap the wind had increased and Julian capsized in his Solo and retired. At the end of this lap the first six boats crossed the line in the same order. Richard had gained two places to move up to 7th and Franz had made up three places to 8th. The Topper battle was really close and Joe crossed the line just 3 seconds ahead of Ben and they both received the finish gun.
On the fourth lap in increasing winds John H broke his toe strap, with a consequent capsize and he retired along with Hugh. In these stronger winds the faster boats of Ian and Karen pulled away on the off wind legs, until Ian missed out Buoy 2 (he must have been sailing Sunday’s course !) and he had to go back and that gave Karen a useful lead. At the end of this fourth lap Karen led with Ian now 2nd, Ellen 3rd and Newton 4th.Paul H had moved up four places to 5th and Franz up two places to 6th. Richard was still 7th with Sally & Stuart 8th and Dean & Nick were up two places to 9th with Rick up three places to 10th and Chris & Carol up three places to 11th.
Sally & Stuart, Dean & Nick, Rick and Chris 7 Carol received the finish gun.
It was now looking good for Karen as she rounded the last mark and approached the finish line, until she capsized 10 metres out and could not get it up again in the very cold waters. Ian crossed the line in 1st place with Ellen 2nd and Newton 3rd, Richard was 4th, Franz 5th and unlucky Karen just managed to cross the line in 6th ahead of Paul H.
On handicap Ellen claimed her second win in two races with Newton 2nd, Ian 3rd, Richard 4th, Sally & Stuart 5th and Karen 6th.
Thanks to David C and the OOD Team Jon, Bob L, Jan M, John M and Nick.

Spring Series 6 24th April

This Sunday was a day the girls showed the way. The wind was NNW and fairly brisk. Newton used an island start and the course was Xp (placed near 5), 5p, 3p, 2p, Os (set upwind of 2 forming a second beat), 1p, S.
Pursuit Race
The slower boats got away well and took some catching.
At the end of the first lap William (Topper) was first through, then 2nd Hadey (4.7), 3rd Ellen (Radial), 4th Chris (Comet), 5th Nev & Sally (Leader), 6th James (Laser) with Jon and Karen moving ominously closer.  The OODs were kept busy with Steve S needing to be towed in after equipment failure in his Solo (not having much luck this year as this follows a broken mast on his Laser!) , and Franz in his Laser.
Jon did his best to chase down Hadey, but she just managed to hold on until the finish horn.
Final places were 1st Hadey; 2nd Jon; 3rd Karen; 4th Ian; 5th Ellen; 6th James
Handicap Race
In the second race the wind increased slightly and a few were slightly pressed.
At the end of the first lap Ian (Supernova) led followed by Karen (Laser), Adrian (Rooster), Jon (Laser), Ellen (Radial), Richard S (Laser)  and Dean & Nick (Vago).  Nev & Sally came through next followed by Steve P (Laser), Chris (Comet), James (Laser) and Hadey 4.7) Behind them Alistair (Laser) and Gareth (Radial) were close together with William (Topper) not far away.
There was little change in position on the second lap apart from James gaining three places and Steve P two places. Richard capsized rounding 2, sending a shower of recently blue dyed water into the air. He emerged and got going again without a blue rinse or looking like a Smurf (but he may be joining the Navy as an Aqua Marine).
On the third lap Ian came to grief with the end of his boom just clipping O and then he capsized whilst doing his turn. Jon led at the end of the lap with Ian 2nd and Karen 3rd. Dean & Nick after losing two places on the previous lap had regained those two places on this lap.
William received the finish gun at the end of the lap.
At the end of the fourth and last lap Ian had regained the lead followed by Jon and Karen. After slipping back slightly on the previous lap Nev & Sally had moved up two places and Hadey gained one place.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Ian; 2nd Jon; 3rd Karen; 4th Adrian; 5th Ellen; 6th Richard
On handicap there are some significant changes with Ellen taking first place in front of Ian, Jon and Karen with Hadey moving up to 5th place and Richard still 6th.
Thanks to Newton and the OOD Team of Mike C, Bill C and Ken.

Gillette Series 1 and 2

Gillette 1 –  13th April
The Gillette Series got under way on Wednesday 13th April with a fairly light wind evening.
It was good to see Chris & Carol back on the water in their Sport 14 and the re-appearance of Sylvia & Peter in their RS200 and Sally & Stuart in the Leader. It was decided to give the Juniors their own series within the Gillette series.
The final placings were – 1st Newton–Solo; 2nd Dave I–Radial; 3rd Tracey–Comet; 4th Ellen–Radial;
5th Dean & Nick–Vago; 6th Karen-Laser
1st Jemma-Oppie; 2nd Ben-Topper; 3rd Edward-Topper; 4th Joe-Topper; 5th William-Topper
Thanks to Mark B and his OOD Team.
Gillette 2 –  20th April
Tonight the wind was a blustery NE and Dave L set a course of Xp, 5p, 2s, 3s and back through the start line.
Dave used the Island Race Hut with the line across the lake and X laid up towards the club house. It was a toss up as whether to start at the island end with a better angle or further out with better wind.
There were 20 starters and David C (Laser) got to X first and then enjoyed clear air and got away. Hugh (Laser) also got a good start and maintained a strong position through the race.
At the end of the first lap it was 1st David C, 2nd Ian (Supernova), then the Lasers of Jon, Hugh, Ken, Curtis and Rod. Ellen (Radial) came through in 8th place just in front of the old man in his Solo (they must have decided to leave the RS200 honours to Sylvia & Peter). They were followed by another trio of Lasers helmed by Karen, Rick and John H. Sally & Stuart came through in 13th followed by Paula (Comet) and Amy & Tracey in another Leader. Sylvia & Peter were next along followed by Edward in the first Topper then Steve G (Laser 2000), Joe (Topper) and Dean & Nick (Vago). Jemma had started in her Oppie but retired somewhere on the fist lap.
On the second lap Ellen Newton were both approaching X on port trying find room amongst the starboard boats. Ellen pulled it off but Newton didn’t and had to do turns for infringing Curtis. Karen also had trouble rounding and lost time. At the end of the lap the first eight came through in the same order, but Karen had managed to get past Newton to move up one place to 9th. John H and Sally & Stuart had moved up one place to 11th and 12th respectively and Sylvia & Peter had made up three places to 13th. There were no other changes in the right direction!
By the third lap Ian had caught David at the front and they came through the line together. Behind them Jon was still 3rd but Ken had passed Hugh to move up to 4th.  Ellen and Karen had moved up two places and were now 6th and 7th. Dean & Nick had moved up three places to relinquish the coveted lantern rouge!
Amy & Tracey, Dean & Nick and Joe received the finish gun at the end of this lap. Not quite sure what happened to Edward as he was well ahead of Joe on the previous lap but was not given a finish time or noted as  “RTD” on the race sheet. Steve G also finished at the end of this lap, but was noted as “DSQ”, but not sure what the infringement was?   
At the end of the fourth and last lap Ian crossed the line in 1st place and the other notable movers were Hugh back up to 4th with Ellen 5th and Karen 6th. Sylvia & peter gained one more place to finish 11th.
The final placings on the water were –
1st Ian; 2nd David C; 3rd Jon; 4th Hugh; 5th Ellen; 6th Karen.
1st Joe; 2nd Jemma; 3rd Edward?
On handicap David C will take first from Ian and Ellen will take 4th from Hugh.
Hugh and Ellen both had good races, Ellen was observed talking race tactics to herself for most of the race, clearly still in double hander mode!
Thanks to Dave L and the OOD Team, Helen J, Chris A and Mike C 
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