Spring Series 6 24th April

This Sunday was a day the girls showed the way. The wind was NNW and fairly brisk. Newton used an island start and the course was Xp (placed near 5), 5p, 3p, 2p, Os (set upwind of 2 forming a second beat), 1p, S.
Pursuit Race
The slower boats got away well and took some catching.
At the end of the first lap William (Topper) was first through, then 2nd Hadey (4.7), 3rd Ellen (Radial), 4th Chris (Comet), 5th Nev & Sally (Leader), 6th James (Laser) with Jon and Karen moving ominously closer.  The OODs were kept busy with Steve S needing to be towed in after equipment failure in his Solo (not having much luck this year as this follows a broken mast on his Laser!) , and Franz in his Laser.
Jon did his best to chase down Hadey, but she just managed to hold on until the finish horn.
Final places were 1st Hadey; 2nd Jon; 3rd Karen; 4th Ian; 5th Ellen; 6th James
Handicap Race
In the second race the wind increased slightly and a few were slightly pressed.
At the end of the first lap Ian (Supernova) led followed by Karen (Laser), Adrian (Rooster), Jon (Laser), Ellen (Radial), Richard S (Laser)  and Dean & Nick (Vago).  Nev & Sally came through next followed by Steve P (Laser), Chris (Comet), James (Laser) and Hadey 4.7) Behind them Alistair (Laser) and Gareth (Radial) were close together with William (Topper) not far away.
There was little change in position on the second lap apart from James gaining three places and Steve P two places. Richard capsized rounding 2, sending a shower of recently blue dyed water into the air. He emerged and got going again without a blue rinse or looking like a Smurf (but he may be joining the Navy as an Aqua Marine).
On the third lap Ian came to grief with the end of his boom just clipping O and then he capsized whilst doing his turn. Jon led at the end of the lap with Ian 2nd and Karen 3rd. Dean & Nick after losing two places on the previous lap had regained those two places on this lap.
William received the finish gun at the end of the lap.
At the end of the fourth and last lap Ian had regained the lead followed by Jon and Karen. After slipping back slightly on the previous lap Nev & Sally had moved up two places and Hadey gained one place.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Ian; 2nd Jon; 3rd Karen; 4th Adrian; 5th Ellen; 6th Richard
On handicap there are some significant changes with Ellen taking first place in front of Ian, Jon and Karen with Hadey moving up to 5th place and Richard still 6th.
Thanks to Newton and the OOD Team of Mike C, Bill C and Ken.

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