Gillette Series 1 and 2

Gillette 1 –  13th April
The Gillette Series got under way on Wednesday 13th April with a fairly light wind evening.
It was good to see Chris & Carol back on the water in their Sport 14 and the re-appearance of Sylvia & Peter in their RS200 and Sally & Stuart in the Leader. It was decided to give the Juniors their own series within the Gillette series.
The final placings were – 1st Newton–Solo; 2nd Dave I–Radial; 3rd Tracey–Comet; 4th Ellen–Radial;
5th Dean & Nick–Vago; 6th Karen-Laser
1st Jemma-Oppie; 2nd Ben-Topper; 3rd Edward-Topper; 4th Joe-Topper; 5th William-Topper
Thanks to Mark B and his OOD Team.
Gillette 2 –  20th April
Tonight the wind was a blustery NE and Dave L set a course of Xp, 5p, 2s, 3s and back through the start line.
Dave used the Island Race Hut with the line across the lake and X laid up towards the club house. It was a toss up as whether to start at the island end with a better angle or further out with better wind.
There were 20 starters and David C (Laser) got to X first and then enjoyed clear air and got away. Hugh (Laser) also got a good start and maintained a strong position through the race.
At the end of the first lap it was 1st David C, 2nd Ian (Supernova), then the Lasers of Jon, Hugh, Ken, Curtis and Rod. Ellen (Radial) came through in 8th place just in front of the old man in his Solo (they must have decided to leave the RS200 honours to Sylvia & Peter). They were followed by another trio of Lasers helmed by Karen, Rick and John H. Sally & Stuart came through in 13th followed by Paula (Comet) and Amy & Tracey in another Leader. Sylvia & Peter were next along followed by Edward in the first Topper then Steve G (Laser 2000), Joe (Topper) and Dean & Nick (Vago). Jemma had started in her Oppie but retired somewhere on the fist lap.
On the second lap Ellen Newton were both approaching X on port trying find room amongst the starboard boats. Ellen pulled it off but Newton didn’t and had to do turns for infringing Curtis. Karen also had trouble rounding and lost time. At the end of the lap the first eight came through in the same order, but Karen had managed to get past Newton to move up one place to 9th. John H and Sally & Stuart had moved up one place to 11th and 12th respectively and Sylvia & Peter had made up three places to 13th. There were no other changes in the right direction!
By the third lap Ian had caught David at the front and they came through the line together. Behind them Jon was still 3rd but Ken had passed Hugh to move up to 4th.  Ellen and Karen had moved up two places and were now 6th and 7th. Dean & Nick had moved up three places to relinquish the coveted lantern rouge!
Amy & Tracey, Dean & Nick and Joe received the finish gun at the end of this lap. Not quite sure what happened to Edward as he was well ahead of Joe on the previous lap but was not given a finish time or noted as  “RTD” on the race sheet. Steve G also finished at the end of this lap, but was noted as “DSQ”, but not sure what the infringement was?   
At the end of the fourth and last lap Ian crossed the line in 1st place and the other notable movers were Hugh back up to 4th with Ellen 5th and Karen 6th. Sylvia & peter gained one more place to finish 11th.
The final placings on the water were –
1st Ian; 2nd David C; 3rd Jon; 4th Hugh; 5th Ellen; 6th Karen.
1st Joe; 2nd Jemma; 3rd Edward?
On handicap David C will take first from Ian and Ellen will take 4th from Hugh.
Hugh and Ellen both had good races, Ellen was observed talking race tactics to herself for most of the race, clearly still in double hander mode!
Thanks to Dave L and the OOD Team, Helen J, Chris A and Mike C 

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