Latest conditions at the Club

Now see the Flood Video. Thanks Will.

From Richard

Brian, Louise and I also got to the club on Saturday. Newton is quite right, there is a lot of debris along the track.
Tektona was floating very low indeed, maybe 4 inches of freeboard at the bow, a little more at the Stern. We managed to tow her back to the clubhouse and pumped her out.

She is now back on a mooring buoy. We have some pictures of the operation.

The red shed will need a good scrub out. There are seven or eight boats in the car park. The Pirates log is beached near the river. most boats have moved around to some degree. Some, including one of mine went for quite a long walk. A couple have come off their trollies and capsized. The floating jetty is almost certainly beached.

The good news is that there is no evidence of water getting into the clubhouse.

Richard Moore.

and from Newton

I waded down yesterday (Sat 18th) with Roland and Ryan. It was up to my thighs about 70cm and a bit over young Ryan’s waist. At the time the EA web site had the UPSTREAM level as 0.60 metres, this is more representative of the level at the club so you can use this as a point of reference.
There was a slight cross current in the lane of maybe 1-2 knots. The bigger risk is tripping over obstacles under the water particularly tree branches.
You really need dry/wet suits and buoyancy aids, the water is cold! There is a lot of carnage with boats having moved and blown into each other. I took some photos, mostly beyond the red shed. 

I noticed the Tektona looked rather low in the water. Probably rain water. I don’t know if it has any built in buoyancy or if it is in any danger of sinking.