Sunday dawned warm and drizzly with no wind, but that did not deter 19 boats taking to the water. Mike and his team set a good course form the shore, 4p, 9s, 3p, 2p, 5s, Xp.

By the time the 2 Bytes and Rob in his Comet – great to see another youngster on the water, the first boats off, started, a little breeze had come up and lasted for most of the first lap – well for the early starters – while Steve in his 505 just continued to sail up and down the line till no. 32 came up….

Next away were the 3 Solos, Mike with some new skills, Chris still getting to grips with his new boat, Bob, Mike in his lightening and Monica in her Beau. Needless to say the wind died to just odd puffs, but as was observed by Mike A after the race…..”we never actually stopped…..”

Peter and Bob, went the wrong way after 4, allowing Monica to get through, but not for long. Peter in his Ent, as always in light airs, found his own wind and sailed into the lead. There were some shenanigans in the middle of the fleet with Newton and Mike having to do turns, which slowed them down a bit. Adrian found enough wind to fly his big red kite from time to time, while Karen had extricated herself from the Laser posse and went in hot pursuit of Peter’s Ent. In the dying minutes of the race Mike C put his new found skills into action and sailed through Monica….any more private coaching going Steve…??

Mike and Sally kindly towed Karen and Monica back to the shore as they were at the top of the lake when the 90 minute hooter sounded….lucky girls….. favoritism…?!

As always the wind filled in when the race finished…….finishing places 1st Peter, 2nd Karen, 3rd Mike C.

Standing on the shore AGAIN was young Haidy, watching the race, but after the ‘ear bashing’ she got from Karen, Monica, Roland and more, methinks she will be racing next Sunday…????

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