Work partly

Despite the ‘hiccup’ with the dates in the Year Book, some 30 people arrived on Saturday morning to get to work on the list of jobs.

The red shed was tidied, boat park areas strimmed, area beneath the galley window cleared with the remaining sand spread over the ground, slipway cleared of all the weed, BBQ grills scrubbed and put away,, and a large area at the end of rows E and F were also cleared, creating a couple more boat park spaces, a new jockey wheel put on the old white boat.

Inside windows were cleaned, stairs hoovered, loft tidied and all the BBQ tools tidied away for next year. The youngsters, Jo, Teddy and Jack had fun clearing the cobwebs from the deck and Grace and Louis enjoyed finding leaks in a club Topper with the aid of bubbles and air – great idea Chris!

Many thanks to everyone who came and worked so hard – there will be further work parties on the 1st Saturdays in Oct, Nov and Dec for all those who haven’t managed to do one yet this year……..!!

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