Wednesday evenings sailing and a Party!

As with all other events this season the Wednesday evening racing is proving very popular with 15 – 20 boats on the water most weeks, encouraged by the delicious suppers prepared by Geesje after the race – some of us just come for the supper!
This week was no exception with some 26 boats racing, in lovely warm sunshine and a good breeze – including young Haidy, racing for the first time – well done Haidy. 
But there was the added attraction of it being Jerry's birthday, which of course was an excuse, as if we need it…..for a party!! A surprised Jerry arrived to see balloons and bunting all over the deck and a chorus of Happy Birthday from the assembled company all madly rigging their boats.
It was a great course set by Chris and his team, perfect for the spectators on the deck with the start line from the shore transit to the 1st mark 4. Everyone was on the line, no one over, a lot of shouting, with Mark very bravely starting at the shore end on port and crossing most of the starboard fleet!
While the wine flowed on the deck the racers enjoyed their sail, with Ian finishing 1st, Newton 2nd and Mark 3rd.
There was a great atmosphere when everyone joined the birthday boy and all sung Happy Birthday when Ellie's spectacular cake appeared – no doubt how old Jerry is now…!!!
And just to complete a great evening we had a surprise visit from Roger, it was great to see him.
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