Pirates update

What a great summer it has been so for the Pirates, despite the earlier poor weather, which has not deterred our young people. Numbers on the water have gone up and up, with 41, 2 weeks ago and 83 on the Pirate register! Wow we hope they don't all come together…..
Thanks to our very supportive team of power boat drivers, Dads, Mums and even Granddads, we are able to put out 4 power boats, if needed. The standard of sailing has improved at every session with the older, stage 2 / 3 helping the little, inexperienced children – ages range from 5 – 16 yrs amazing!
We had 2 ex Pirates Bryony and Oliver visit last week, back from Uni, great to see them.
Gary and Carole are away for 3 weeks, but Pirates will carry on with all the parents pitching in to help. Elaine, Jerry and Monica are there most weeks as well to help and keep a watchful eye on the 'goings on.'
The atmosphere on these evenings at the club is wonderful, seeing the future of the club 'getting to grips' with proper sailing and the occasional race…long live the Pirates..!!!
Many more photos available here:

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