Summer 4 – Racing Report

This racing report was missing in action, like some of the OOD crew by the sound of it. Sorry for the delay.
It was going to be a hot day. The hottest day of the year . A swelling 24 degrees C. The wind was picking up even when the sailors were getting their boats ready. I felt Rod was going to have an eventful time on his hands.
The course consist of a long beat followed by a dead run down the whole length of the lake. The first person to sample the lake water was Richard. He performed too many rolls and capsized backwards. It was a testing part of the race.
Karen was struggling with the strengthening wind and she wasn’t in her usual position towards the front of the fleet. Due to the reduced numbers in Rod s team, he was struggling to run the race. Oswin , bless him soon realised it has been a long time since he last sailed his laser. And he was having severe difficulties with his boat and his boat punished him by whacking his boom over his head. Next time Oswin keep your head down! He sailed back to shore for immediate first aid.
The final results on the water were :

1st . Chris 2nd. David 3rd. Mark

A final note has to be mentioned on this report due to the members in Rods team not turning up. Rods team were having problems rescuing people and still running the race. we could of had a dangerous situation occur . So please if you are on duty please, please turn up to do it.

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