Spring Pursuit 9 – Racing Report

Yet another windy day, but Adrian and his team set a good course for the 14 starters, 5p,2s,4s,6s,9p,7s. There was some ‘umming and aaring’ in the dinghy park as to what sails to use, most of the Lasers chose radial sails, whether to reef etc. Monica teamed up with Dave P in his reefed Wayfarer and had a great sail, while Hugh forsook his Byte  to crew Newton in his big boat with some great spinnaker work. Lynne and Steve were just content to stay upright – no spinnaker for them!!
Poor Mike in his Solo didn’t even make the start and retired after a nasty capsize, while Dave L had to be pulled out of the trees with his upturned Laser.
Paul and Nev broke their main halliard 2 minutes before the end of the race, trying to put on more kicker, but survived and didn’t lose a place.
There were murmurings in the dinghy park, after the race, that more reaches would have been better, but the wind was very shifty as well as strong
Dave got through Chris to finish 1st,  Chris 2nd and Ian 3rd.
The afternoon saw 3 novice sailors out in Picos, being assisted by Steve in another Pico and Phil in the safety boat – excellent progress was made with no capsizes – well done guys!! 

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