Gillette 3 and Pirates

Gillette Series
The Wed evenings racing has got off to a great start with up to 25 boats racing thus far, including some youngsters on the water – well done Robert and Colm – followed by a super meal cooked and served by Gees in the club house.
OOD cover is now provided and the new teams are ‘working’ well, with a full team every Wednesday.
We had the added attraction of a low flying balloon the other week (see last week’s blog for a stunning picture). The racing is very competitive, with a rash of Lasers this week in strong winds – Simon late arriving  and then being over the line at the start  – shame Simon..!! There was  only one capsize to entertain those not brave enough to venture on to the water – nice one Mark! A squall came through so every one came into supper looking rather damp – like the new look hair Paula – but ready to demolish a large pan of spaghetti, salad , bread, followed by sponge pudding and cream – a nice mid week distraction from work….
The young people just keep coming – last week in the warm evening sunshine proved particularly popular. But this week saw a smaller crowd, with pouring rain and very strong winds. Sadly only those with their own boats were allowed on the water – too windy for hired club boats to go out. Craig managed to break Jam, but in true Pirate “make do and mend” style, fixed the problem with some handy rope before heading out to enjoy the wind. Those that braved the cold, wet conditions had a ‘ball’. They were ably supported by Gary, David and Don in the safety boats.
While in the warmth of the club house, Elaine, Jerry and Monica enjoyed a rather noisy supper!!
Everyone was ready for hot chocolate and a twix, served by Carole, especially Luke who had forgotten to bring a change of clothes!!
Lets hope the weather is kinder to the Pirates next week….watch this space.
Gillette 3 and Pirates

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