May Work Party

Despite the prospect of rain and strong winds some 48 members turned up promptly to tackle the huge list of jobs to be done – earning their ‘brownie points’…!!!……the pyromaniacs, namely Gary, who thought the heat from the fire was improving his suntan…… had a ‘ball’ burning all the detritus from the very old shed – while others opted for hoovering the stairs and sorting the loft out.
Windows were cleaned, the oven as well – what a chore….jetty areas filled in, hose reattached to the  jetty edges, cobwebs cleaned from decking, club boats had running repairs done, while the new Toppers are now ready to use. The disabled loo was cleared out ready for a plumber to come in and complete it.
Everyone ‘worked their socks off’ supplied with coffee by Barbara and Monica, while Tracey did ‘her bit ‘ with a trip to Costco for a  huge restock of all the choccy bars and cans we love so much!!
Several people stayed on to join Monica for a celebratory drink with her and her family for her ?? birthday – she’s now officially ‘old!!
But the stars of the day were the little ones, Ewan, Jo, Teddy and Miriam who were great at tidying the toy box, laying up the tables for lunch and scrubbing all the cobwebs off the decking – well done boys and girls.
Simon and his family took to the river in their kayaks, while Richard was persuaded  to rig Alice’s Laser so we could be entertained by her great sailing, including a spectacular capsize……
The day ended at 1900 with a massive clean up job in the clubhouse, many thanks to Elaine, Barbara, Clare, Olivia and Maddie, who now knows how to use a hoover!!
Many thanks to everyone who came and worked so hard.
April Work Party

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