Gillette 2 – racing report

Was this someone with an over-inflated spinnaker lining up for the start of the Gillette last Wednesday?
Or perhaps someone trying to get an early viewing of the club before Saturday’s Open Day?
Nonetheless, it didn’t deter the 20 or so boats that set out for the Wednesday evening race, including some new faces.  Mark set an interesting start, which was difficult to judge from both land and water, but no hooters sounded.  The breeze was so light that the leader stole the wind from those behind and got such a head start that no one could get close.  No, Sally, that wasn’t the Leader I meant – not such a good start this week, but you still managed to “beat Dean on the water”.
The wind got lighter and lighter the longer the race lasted, and when the last sailor was making his weary way into shore, others were already showered and tucking into a delicious dinner.

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