Spring Pursuit 7

3p 2p 5s 9p 6s 7s S
The wind was blowing, the sun was shining, and about 20 boats took to the water.  Newton and his team set an excellent course, with Tektona moving about through 90 degrees as the wind veered first one way and then the other.
The sun went in, but the rain stayed away and the wind improved throughout the 90 minute race.
Mike took back the helm of the Leader after Sally’s successful race on Wednesday.  Did she tell you that she was 10th!
There was as many different choices of gear as there were classes of boat in the race.  Curtis went for an optimistic shorts, whilst others were in dry suits and there was even a balaclava spotted at the start.
The mirror set off first, and stayed in front for at least one circuit before the rest of the pack overtook. The 505 set off last – with only Steve aboard this week – was it too chilly for his crew I wonder?  He could have done with her on lookout as he caused the Enterprise to perform an elegant pirouette to avoid him.
The positions changed throughout the race and, as with all pursuit races, the final positions were hard determine for the onlookers as boats started early, late, caught up and lapped.  I’m sure Newton will have it all sorted out and posted on the results page soon enough.
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