First training of 2013

What a contrast between the 2 Saturdays – last week was warm sun but fluky winds, while the second day, 27th, was bitterly cold and much stronger winds. But all our trainees took the weather conditions on both days in their stride and successfully gained their Stage 1 and Level 1 certificates. Well done guys. The youngsters had fun both days with all the different tasks they had to complete – capsize drill, picking up ducks, balls and paddling boats being very popular – well done Grace and Jenny for beating Louis and Aiden in the paddling race to 6 and back.
There were lots of spectacular capsizes in both groups – Belinda got the ‘booby’ prize for her 5! – while young Jenny managed to get through 3 wet suits on day 1! Even Monica gave the guys a treat, capsizing Alice’s Topper and having to be rescued. The boys in the power boats were kept very busy on both days, thanks Richard and Brian. Even Steve was ‘here, there and everywhere’ helping out and making sure we were all doing everything right with recaps in  the club house at regular intervals through out the 2 days.
The start sailing video came in handy when we were all wet, cold and needing a break – Sally makes everything look so easy….and guess that’s why she’s an Olympiad!!
Thanks also go to our ‘gophers’ who were there with hot drinks, mops, buckets, sunscreen etc.
A great start to this year’s sail training program…..
First training of 2013

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