Pirates 2013 starts

And what a first night it was! Wind blowing a real storm, but that did not deter 20+ youngsters rocking up looking for some fun – even Alice came, poor Richard, all that driving!
Gary, the Pirate leader, decided that no club boats could be used – it was force 5/6 gusting 7…. it was enough to blow a Topper end over end off its trolley as it was being rigged. The waves battering the jetty looked big enough to surf.
It was decided that only very competent youngsters could venture on to the water in their own Toppers, namely Amy, Robert and Alice, accompanied closely by Don and David in the safety boat.
Well they had a real ‘blast’ much to the envy of those who watched from the Pirate log on the shore.  There were a couple of capsizes, one particularly spectacular one when Amy managed to entangle Robert as he sailed too close to her as she struggled to right her capsize. 
The three hardy sailors came in very wet but very happy, to be met by the usual hot chocolate, thanks to Carole.
What a start to the new Pirate year!
Pirates 2013 starts

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