Pursuit 7th April

Spring has sprung  solots of eager sailors rushed to the lake bouyed by the promise of sunshine, above freezing temperature and a gentle breeze. Well they say two out of three ain’t bad, and the fickle wind pooped out of the party only really turning up in the final half hour to tease a bit.

For some the real race was to get to the Tektona start line at all. The Solo contingent where the most tardy, with Jon making it several minutes late and Bob not turning up at all. Neither had a note from their mum and will be dealt with firmly.

Mick did make it on time but probably wished he hadn’t as it took 8 minutes to get to the windward mark.  No sooner had he got there when the wind moved around first 90 and then 180 degrees – the beat goes on as they say. This meant that traditional sailing skills where abandoned in favour of woo-woo wind devining and goat entrail breeze predicting. It was Jon Clay who seamed to have most luck with this, at least he made progress where some sailers where seen going backwards ( their identities have been hidden to save embarrrassement but we know who they are – St@ve , N~ck, M#ck & H>gh) 

Anywaay by the third lap some sort of breeze had established itself and Ian hit the front using his comanding “silver surfer” stance aboard the Supernova, while David Clay overtook nearly everybody in pusuit.  Places changed hands like knock off tobacco in a Scouse pub and Peter lost all sense of direction and began spinning around alarmingly – he could’nt have accrued that many penalties? no it was rigging failure let him down again. Time for a new boat perhaps, far less string on a Laser ?

Final hooter came non too soon and accolades went to Ian and the Clay family. Minor places where still being sorted out in the carpark when JS made his excuses and left – no biting , gouging or rabbit punches boys ! Results will be in the usual place, read em and weep.

(library pic !? – sorry forgot to take the camera)

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