Flooding at RSC


Various people have made it to the club, tried their best to secure boats and advise that the water is now very high, almost level with the clubhouse and we have been advised may go higher. Whilst some boats had come loose, none looked like they had drifted away (no guarantees though). There are photos on the website readingsc.org.uk

Please do not try and go the club until further notice. If you do so its really at your own risk.
The work party and Sunday racing are cancelled with a further update on Saturday.

Kind regards

RSC Committee

Frostbite 1 – Non-racing report

1st Frostbite
The SOOD Karen was at the gate to greet the numerous people who arrived to sail or just ‘view’ the water! No sailing, no course to set and sadly no hot soup either!!!! just water, water and more water……
The first up the drive in their dry suits were Dave and big Steve, followed by Ian, Chris, Jon, Newton and Ross, armed with rope and stakes….some boats were not tied down!!!
Curtis smugly drove up the drive with Hugh in his huge Hummer……while Sophie opted for a wetsuit and bicycle as did Brian!
Poor Dave just came for a good sail, the wind was at least force 4, having no idea it had been raining all week!
Those that returned told the waiting voyeurs, Mark, Monica, Bill and a few others, that it was a beautiful sight and only a few of the boats beyond the red shed had water around them.
An email had gone out to the membership, but unfortunately not everyone had seen it.
The next day Mark donned his dry suit and braved the water which came up to his waist…..it is still rising.
Frostbite 1 – Non-racing report

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Cobley 11 – Racing Report

Thirteen boats were being rigged , the wind was non existant. Looked like the last cobley was going to be a bit of a damp squib! The thirteen boats cross the start line and a Richard took control of the fleet. Was he going to maintain his position only time would tell. Ian in his supanova started snapping at the heels of Richard with Dave , yes Dave Isaacs in third place.

Im sorry to report the Jolly Sailor fell asleep during the race, this was due the shear bordom setting in!

The final position were:

1st Richard 2nd Ian 3rd Dave

Cobley series final results were:

1st Chris 2nd Karen 3rd Peter

Well done!


November Cup – Racing Report

Before the race started Reading Sailing Club observed the 2 minutes silence , some members performed this quietly in their boats on the water whilst others stood by the log . the whistle blew and the boats entered the water and the countdown for the race started.

Jon and Mark noticed the wind had changed just slightly to make the port side of the line to have the advantaged but this has a habit of changing again at the last minute to make it definitely the wrong end .So being a handicap race all the boats crossed the start line at the same time.

At this early stage we knew Bob in his Solo was going to be up with the others battling for top spot. Karen performed an amazing piece of brilliance to show us all how not to perform a roll tack, she was left swimming back to her boat!

Peter had to retire due to his mainsheet separating . Never heard of that before Peter. I can only guess you doing an impersonation of Kate Winslet on the Titanic!

So the results were
1st Bob, 2nd Chris, 3rd. Mike and Sally
November Cup – Racing Report

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November Pink Day

If the 65 people who intended to come, had ‘rocked up’ it would have been a fantastic turn out……but the 12 of us that did turn up for the November Pink Day had a great time! Paul and Barbara fortified us well with a scrummy breakfast, Ken gave us a comprehensive briefing, about flags and the course using most of the lake! Monica helped Ken start the race, though with the new, fantastic starting horn, her help was some what superfluous! The 9 starters were a little ‘line shy’ but with a bit of help / hindrance the sailors got around the course – Alice and Dean had some close sailing / touching……Newton and Steve both showed off their spinnaker skills, while the other Steve got in with Kris in her new Comet to give her some help with the rear rig – Monica, unimpressed with Steve’s Solo, sailed it back to the shore for him. Robbie and Pat had some ‘juggling’ to do to get Robbie’s mirror really ‘going’…..
But the winner was undoubtedly Ben, who was the only person who sailed the right course, going through the starting line on each lap….everyone else was disqualified!! – well done Ben and don’t forget to polish it every week!!
NB. The next Pink Day is the great Xmas party on Dec 8th – numbers are limited – so if you want to be there to see Father Xmas and maybe get a pressie…??? contact Monica asap.
November Pink Day

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Cobley 10 – Racing Report

The forecast for this race was just plain silly! No wind at 10 a.m. then increasing through the morning to 25 miles an hour! Yeah right!!!!! The Jolly Sailor heard the sailors laughing at the forecast.

The sailors limped to the start line at Tectona. Not many this Sunday, due to the rain we had earlier in the morning. Steve in his 505 was very confident, he decided to sneak out of his house without Lynne and sail the race on his own.

The wind slowly appeared from no where! The boats started to speed up, Newton and his gang allowed everyone a chance to get to the start line on time. The only problem we were going to get tired before we even started

Mike was the first casualty in his Solo, he only managed two legs of the race before he took to a very watery grave!  The same happened to Steve in his 505, perhaps he should have noted the weather forecast, yes the forecast was right.

About half the fleet dropped out during the race, the leading sailors were David and Chris.  Who was going to win this race??? David kept ahead all the way until he tacked and got himself in irons. This let Chris overtake him and cross the line first.   The Jolly Sailor can’t repeat what David said, but he was given some advice – PUSH PUSH or PULL PULL David.

1st Chris 2nd David 3rd Jon.

Cobley 9 – Racing Report

We had an old familiar face at the club this week, but he didnt have his usual boat. No one had seen him in this boat before. Yes, it was Steve in “TWINKLE” I wonder how long it will be before that name is changed!!!!!!

Hugh was the first boat away, the other competitors noted which end of the line to take. No pressure on you Hugh in the future!!! The usual laser mob always cause shouts and screams, they really must calm down!!

So everyone crossed the start to what would be a very exciting race. Ian in his super supanova quietly slipped through the fleet to start snapping at the heels of the leading part of the fleet. Would he catch them up or not???

Finishing positions were

1st. Chris 2nd. Ian 3rd. Peter.

Nov Work Party and Pirates Halloween

Last Saturday was a great work party and despite the bitter wind 30 people came – well done Caroline and Chris for cycling to the club! Thanks to Curtis who brought more scalpings and Carl with his ‘thumper,’ more pot holes have been filled in. With the help of Mike and his chain saw, lots of wood was collected for the bonfire, which was superbly constructed under Brian’s supervision – thanks Steve for leaving us all, those pallets.
Mark and his team loaded the skip, while wood was collected, hauled, transported to the bonfire site – even Barbara was seen with young Ricardo pulling branches from the under growth. Ian removed barrow loads of weed from the edge of the shore, while Nick and Heidi, watched by young Finn in his buggy, cleared more of the grass from the slipway.
Richard aided / supervised by Alice and Louise finished off the new starting horn – a 4 week project’ – well done Richard.
Robbie hoovered the loft, Pat got new hooks put up in the red shed and lots more went on outside unnoticed by the Jolly Sailor. Monica made numerous pots of coffee and tea and everyone worked really hard – the best way of keeping warm! It was great to see Colin as well. Thank you to’ one and all’ for all your efforts.
Soon after the workers drifted away – though several stayed the whole day – the Pirates started to arrive, while the clubhouse was amazingly decorated with scary ghosts, skeletons and loads of pumpkins – some superbly carved by Alice and Nina.
Only 2 boats took to the water. James with Rhys and William in their mirror and Haidy with Mum, Bev in her Pico – the first time on the water for Mum, well done Bev!! Gary was on hand in the ‘rubber duck’ in case of any mishap.
With a full clubhouse of 23 youngsters, parents , friends and those just wanting to see the fireworks and bonfire, Gary started the proceedings by giving out some prizes:- Keir was awarded the best Pirate crew: Jo the best improver and last but not least Izzy for the most enthusiastic and best Pirate of the year – well done – but Gary stressed that all the Pirates are winners, having turned out regularly every Thursday evening in the most horrendous conditions, cold, rain and mostly strong winds – well done everyone including all the parents, grand parents and helpers who helped with rigging boats, cleaning the club house and just supporting the children.
While heavenly smells were coming from the kitchen, Dean was busy setting up lights and music on the deck – thanks Dean, it made the evening. Everyone enjoyed curries, chillies and lots of suitably decorated Halloween cakes, thanks to Elaine, Carole, Bernadette, Fran, and all the Mums and were suitably fortified to go out on the deck and watch the amazing firework display organised by Brian, Richard and Louise, with the huge bonfire blazing away as well. What a great evening it was – thanks to everyone who contributed to making the last Pirates gathering of 2012 such a success – Sue, Fran and Tracey doing the washing up, Dean hoovering  and Bernadette sweeping the floor, to name but a few. Thanks guys, and special thanks to the Pirate Leaders Gary and Carole.
Nov Work Party and Pirates Halloween

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