We were going to have an intersting race today. the wind kept on changing and appearing and disappearing like a rabbit in a top hat! 
The start of the race was delayed until everyone had reached the start line.  The S.O.O.D. had wish he had the camera , the whole fleet had reaced the start line at the same time, it was a lovely sight!  
So the countdown sequence had began, which side of the line is best.  Some sailors noted the island was shielding the wind from that part of the line nearest Tectona. So the other end was the best. The start gun went and of course the wind switched and the island end was the best and those down there just sailed away. Jon in his Entertprise caught and lovely puff of wind and overtook half the fleet, was this going to be his race, unfortunately it wasnt! Monica had problems at the 2nd bouy again half the fleet overtook her whilst she was trying to get her boat moving unfortunately for her she just stopped!
Peter in his Enterprise with Mike and Sally in their Leader took an early lead. The rest of us were left in their wake! Were we going to catch them up?  well yes because anything can happen in this race. mike , sally and Peter had some close sailing together , who was going to break first?????????  Peter drifted onto the bouy and had to do a 360 degree turn!  to make thing worse he just stopped and was going backwards at one point.
The dark horses in this race were Dave I  and Mike in their Lasers the quietly went through the fleet and crossed the line . the Jolly Sailor has noticed Mike is quite an expert in sailing in light winds!  He needs to tell us what his secret is!!!!!!!!!!!!
So the final postions were 
1st Mike,  2nd Dave, 3rd  Roger

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