Pink Fleet Summer BBQ 

A different format this month with the day starting with the 1100 race and 25 very keen ‘Pinkies’ taking to the water after a magnificent briefing from Ken – despite the fact that he used the wrong flags…..poor Richard ended up in the Topper while the girls had the Comet and the Laser!!! It was a challenging strong shifty wind but that did not deter our leader from setting a course from Tektona with 2 gybe marks. Those who capsized were many and we are nnot sure if it was the wind, bad judgement on just to cool off….what a hot sunny day it was. 
While the Pinkies were enjoying the cooling breeze, both Barbaras were hard at it in the kitchen preparing the lunch, setting up tressle tables with Brian’s help. 
 The BBQ was lit ably and watched over by Hugh and Dion our own professional chef hoping to enjoy a week end off…thanks guys, the food was superbly cooked and quite delicious.The sangria disappeared at great speed and was much enjoyed, thanks Jan. Ken had full complement of power boat drivers who were kept busy most of the race. The standard of sailing seemed to be higher that ever and the much coveted Pink Fleet cup went to young William in his Topper – well done William. A big thank you to everyone who helped in any way, shopping, cooking and the never ending clearing up. 

Almost as soon as we had all finished lunch it was PIRATE TIME, with 28 youngsters taking to the water in various crafts, surf boards, kayaks, Oppies, Toppers, Picos and even 3 Lasers! Our young people are getting very adventurous…..Gary had plenty of power boat help to keep a close eye on the ‘little darlings’ while the Mums and Dads continued to enjoy the sun and sangria!!! They all had a lot of fun under Gary and Carole’s supervision and no one seemed in a hurry to go, one of the so few glorious Saturdays this year. 
Again thanks to every one who makes these events possible – despite the heat hot chocolate was still required….. 
 NBThe next Saturday Pirates has been brought forward a week to 1st Sept, to coincide with the Camp Sail week end. 

These days are much enjoyed by all, and we all appreciate the hard wok that everyone puts in to get these events organised and particularly cleared up at the end of the day. If you feel you could volunteer to help for future events it would be much appreciated.

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