S.O.O.D. had 2 members of the team down. If someone doesnt turn up it makes it harder for the rest of the duty team to organise the race , so please let your S.O.O.D. if you cant attend.

Anyway 17 boats took the water , the wind was a constant force 2-3 , it was good to see Ross sailing with his standard sail. At the starting gun , the usual 2 led the fleet, Chris and Karen. They were going to take some catching but who was going to catch them???? Ross I think has been going on a few sailing courses because he was flying round the course, passing alot of people. Well done Ross!

If you remember “Its a Knockout” will remember Eddie Waring laughing and shouting his famous catchphrase ” she is having an early bath!!!!” which is precisely what Monica did! A sudden gust of wind caught a few sailors off their guard and unfortunately Monica was hardest hit. It took the rescue boat a while to see if she wanted assistance because they had the whole fleet to look after. By the time they arrived Monica had got her boat up and was sailing again.

Final positions are

1st Karen 2nd Chris 3rd Ian 4th Ross

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