July Pink Day – Pirates – Camp Sail

Another first for the Club, with Pink Day, Pirates and Camp Sail W/end…..
Despite the poor weather forecast, some 19 ‘Pinkies’ took to the water with enthusiasm – fortified from a pink fleet breakfast, thanks to Paul and Barbara.The packed clubhouse listened carefully to Ken’s briefing – the course we had to sail and the flags to look out for, flying from Tektona. There were some different combinations – Steve had Carol crewing in his 505 – Monica had Tane crewing a club Pico – Paul had David in his Wayfarer – Katie and and Andrew had taken the Lasers…..Jan went in the support boat with Ken, while Steve having helped us all launch, went out in the other support boat to give some sailing tips to the newly trained. There were the usual disqualifications, but the coveted Pink Fleet cup went to Jon….well done.
After a quick lunch break, the Pirates arrived and 21 youngsters took to the water, ably led by Gary, after his usual safety briefing by the log. Their destination a secret….??  The Pirates eventually decided to go ashore onto the island, and a lot of fun was had exploring.  Little did they know that the Parent Pirates decided to steal their boats and made off with three of them before they were found out!  The Pirate Fleet eventually headed back to shore, but the fun continued with shore and water games including the great jousting contest on surf boards in front of the clubhouse to the delight of all the parents. There were all sorts of floating equipment that was reminiscent of a scene from the Titanic.  Happily all survived, ready for an evening of feasting and camping.
Then came the lighting of the BBQ, the erecting of tents and eventually the lighting of the bonfire – the Mirror didn’t seem to want to burn….all during the afternoon, Barbara, Elaine marinaded chicken, prepared salads, while Jerry led the ‘boys’ erected tressle tables and gazebos. 70+ people enjoyed a wonderful feast, while the youngsters enjoyed the bonfire and doing silly things with rubber gloves filled with water….!!! While indoors Michael and Nathalie did sterling work washing all the pots and pans. Even the torrential rain during the evening didn’t deter some 37 people from camping overnight, having been well fortified against the cold…!!! A lot of fun was had by all though no one – not even Elaine herself – is quite sure how she came to be wearing Monica’s anorak or why Gary was seen trying to get it on as well!!! Even baby Affie woke up to join in the fun and eat more food…!!!Another feast appeared at breakfast time thanks to Elaine and all her team. As the campers took their tents down the Sunday sailors arrived…..A big thank you to everyone who made it such a great weekend.
July Pink Day – Pirates – Camp Sail

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