Commodore’s Cup Race 7 – 25th May 2022

It was very windy tonight blowing WSW 15 – 20 mph. Hadey stepped up to the mark as SOOD and set a course of A (between 4 and 5), 9, 4, B (near Tektona), 5,6, 7 and through the start line.

There were 14 starters and Lucy and Thomas capsized before the start and both retired on the first lap. Lucy as she capsized again and Thomas because of a bent tiller extension. Ralph was another to capsize on the fist lap along with Hattie.

First back across the line (again) was James C/RS300 followed by Steve S/Blaze, Mike T and Karen in Lasers and Newton & Sam/RS200. Jamie H and a recovering Ralph both in Lasers came through in 6th and 7th some 30 seconds ahead of Chris H/Comet. Hattie/Laser and Paul H/Supernova crossed the line together about a minute ahead of Aileen/Comet. Then two minutes later Paul W/Morbic came through and he was well in front of Chris & crew/Sport 14.

Lap 2

No change in the fist seven positions, but Paul H had moved up two places to 8th, Aileen moved up one place to 10th and Hattie capsized near 6.

Lap 3

Remarkably not a single change in position throughout the fleet, but Hattie capsized  again and again!

Chris M & crew received the hooter at the end of the lap.

Lap 4

No change again, but Hattie (probably relieved) received the hooter at the end of this lap along with Aileen and Paul W.

Lap 5

The fleet was now down to nine boats, but none of them passed each other and Jamie, Ralph, Paul H and Chris H all received the hooter to finish their race.

Lap 6

Only six completed this last lap and they finished in the same order as the previous three laps!

1st James C; 2nd Steve S; 3rd Mike T; 4th Karen; 5th Newton & Sam; then one lap down 6th Jamie; 7th Ralph; 8th Paul H

On corrected time, this changes to – 1st James C; 2nd Mike T; 3rd Karen; 4th Newton & Sam; 5th Steve S; 6th Jamie

Thanks to SOOD Hadey and the race team of Carol Meunier, Jorge Bernal, Mike Caton, Nick Jonathon-Joyce and Steve Chege.

Well done to all in tricky conditions and especially to Hattie for her perseverance despite multiple capsizes.