July Cup Races 2021 – Sunday 18th July

The format for the July Cup this year was four races, each about 30 minutes duration with three to count. It was very hot and sunny, but there was only a light breeze. Paul R was SOOD and used the movable marks A, B, C and D to give himself more flexibility.

There were 15 competitors initially, but Jess, Jewels and Dave & Ann decided one race was enough for them and James and Mark opted out after two races.

The first race turned out to be a one lap affair as the wind dropped. Having said that, Newton & Sam in the RS200 finished in 1st place in 28 minutes and the last finisher was Joe in 54 minutes and Sally and Paul W did not finish at all! The first six on the water were Newton & Sam (RS200), Mike C (Solo), Rhys (Laser), Mark (Laser), Jess (Laser) and Chris H (Comet).

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Mike C; 2nd Newton & Sam; 3rd Rhys; 4th Ron; 5th Chris H; 6th Mark.

Paul adjusted the course for the second race and got the timing spot on with two laps taking just over 30 minutes. Newton & Sam were first back across the line followed closely by Rhys and the old man battling for 2nd place. Mike C was 4th about one minute ahead of Mark in 5th,  who in turn was one minute ahead of Aileen (Comet) in 6th just ahead of Ron (Mirror) and Chris H in another Comet.  Behind them Joe (Laser) and Emily (Radial) were only split by 5 seconds with Paul W Morbic 12) and Sally (Comet) bringing up the rear. At the end of the second lap Mike C had moved up to 2nd place with James 3rd,Rhys 4th, Chris H 5th and Joe 6th.

On corrected time the order changes to – 1st Ron; 2nd Newton & Sam; 3rd Mike C; 4th Chris H; 5th James; 6th Rhys.

After a short lunch break Paul tweeked the course again and this time the fleet managed two laps in a slightly shorter time.  Chris H was first back across the line followed by Aileen, so a good start for the Comets. Newton & Sam were 3rd with Rhys 4th, Mike C 5th and Emily 6th.  Sally crossed in 7th ahead of Joe with Ron and Paul W behind them. At the finish Newton & Sam were up to to 1st, but there were no other changes in position.

The order on corrected time was – 1st Chris H; 2nd Aileen; 3rd Mike C; 4th Newton & Sam; 5th Emily; 6th Rhys.      

The final race was also a two lapper and Newton & Sam were again first back across the line with Rhys in a good 2nd place about one minute ahead of Mike C in 3rd.  The Comets of Chris H and Aileen were next along with Emily in 6th place and Joe in 7th place. Ron and Paul W vying for the lanterne rouge. Unusually there were no changes at all in position at the end of the second lap.

The corrected order was – 1st Newton & Sam; 2nd Rhys; 3rd Chris H; 4th Mike C; 5th Aileen; 6th Emily.

Interesting to note all the races were won by a different helm with a different class boat.

When the numbers were crunched and the discards made the final podium was

– 1st Newton & Sam (RS200); 2nd Mike C (Solo); 3rd Chris H (Comet).

Congratulations to Newton & Sam the winners of the July Cup for 2021.

Thanks to SOOD Paul R and the race team of Hadey, Bill, Mike and Nando.