Gillette Junior Series 1 – 21st July 2021

It was very hot and sunny with a NE wind about 8 mph. Karen used a triangle course with a start line on an East – West axis with 5 as the pinnacle and A and B marking the base line. She drew out the course on a whiteboard to show to the young sailors before they went on the water, perhaps something that some of our older sailors could benefit from!

7 young sailors started and the fleet reduced each lap as boats were lapped, so everyone completed the first lap with Thomas (Radial) crossing the line in 1st place with Emily (4.7) in 2nd place. Then came a trio of Toppers with Fleur leading William and Lucy followed by the Oppies of Frances and Ollie. Ollie received the gun at the end of his lap.

On the second lap the only change in the order was William overtaking Fleur to move up to 3rd place and Fleur was finished at the ned of the lap.

The third lap saw no change in the order, but William, Fleur and Lucy were all finished at the end of the lap as they had been overtaken by Thomas and Emily.

The fourth lap was the last and Thomas retained the lead over Emily.

The final order was – 1st Thomas; 2nd Emily; 3rd William; 4th Fleur; 5th Lucy; 6th Frances; 7th Ollie.

Well done to all of you.

Thanks to Karen & Stuart, Hadey, Richard S and Stan for helping out.