Coronavirus Update Saturday 14th March 2020


Covid 19, or coronavirus is a major concern internationally. We are being advised by British Sailing on this, have discussed our response in committee this week, and are daily monitoring developments. Our best advice is that currently everyone should practice basic precautions (washing hands and singing happy birthday to everyone you know), but otherwise come sailing as normal. Or as normal as the water levels allow.

Our cleaners in the clubhouse have been asked to be even more diligent than before. The only change you will see is that towels have been removed from the changing rooms and replaced with paper towels, which you should dispose of in the bags provided. NOT, please, down the loos. Or I will set our Bosun onto you. And you don’t want that.

We will keep you updated as the picture changes. Fortunately for us, sailing is mostly a low contact sport, which we should be able to keep enjoying with little need to adapt if the situation gets worse. Let’s hope for the best but be prepared for less than the best.

Obviously if you are feeling unwell with a fever or cough stay at home and follow the guidance issued by the NHS.

Best wishes

Will Stevens

RSC Commodore