Gillette Series 15 – 24th July 2019

It was shorts and T shirts tonight for most, as it was warm and sunny with a light wind (about 8 mph) from the SSW. Newton set the first mark as A (down past Tektona in the middle of the lake), then 2, 9, 6,7 and back through the start.

There were 20 starters and the Lasers of Mark and Mike Tr were a little over eager and across the line when the horn sounded, so both had to restart.

Ellen (Laser) was first back across the line followed 30 seconds later by Hugh in another Laser. It was over a minute before Dave & Ann (Leader) crossed in 3rd place and they were just ahead of Curtis and Mike Tr in another two Lasers. There was a slight gap before Chris A (Solo) and Chris H (Comet) came along battling for 6th place with a tight group close behind them led by Richard H (Laser) then Mike A (Lightning), Sally & Mike N (Leader), Paul H (Laser) and Mark (Laser). Then a minute later Rick (Laser) came through on his own in 13th place with Emily & Eidra (Feva) another minute further back and only just ahead of Alicia (Radial). Another minute later Jemima (Oppie) crossed in 16th  place closely followed by Chris & Carol in their Sport 14 and they were about 30 seconds ahead of Ron (Mirror), Sam (Radial) and Chris S (Laser), who was having his first outing for some time (good to see you back on the water Chris).  

At the end of the second lap Ellen and Hugh were still ahead, but Curtis and Mike Tr had passed Dave & Ann pushing them down to 5th but they were all still very close on the water. No change with the two Chris’s, but Mark had gained four places to move up to 8th and the four boats behind him were enjoying a close battle, which was being joined by Rick. Emily & Eidra were steady in 14th place but Chris S had gained five places to move to 15th.  Sam was up to 16th just ahead of Jemima in 17th with Ron, Chris & Carol and Alicia behind them.

The two leaders crossed the finish line well ahead of Mike Tr, who just got the better of Curtis to take 3rd spot. Mark had gained another three places to finish 5th with Dave & Ann 6th. Chris H and Richard H managed to pass Chris A to finish 7th and 8th with Mike A just pipping Paul H for 10th. Rick gained a place by passing Sally & Mike to take 12th place and Chris S gained another place to move to 14th. Alicia regained five places to finish 15th with Emily & Eidra 16th ahead of Sam in 17th. Chris & Carol repassed Ron and they both got past Jemima. It was a pleasant evening of sailing with close battles and lots of overtaking all through the fleet.

The final order on the water was – 1st Ellen; 2nd Hugh; 3rd Mike Tr; 4th Curtis; 5th Mark; 6th Dave & Ann

Corrected time produces a few changes with the order – 1st Chris H; 2nd Ellen; 3rd Hugh; 4th Mike Tr; 5th Jemima; 6th Curtis

Thanks to Newton and the OOD Team of Ben E, Bob H, Dean, Jill G and Monica.