Gillette Series 6 – 22nd May 2019

With a SW wind of about 9-10 mph, Steve S set the first mark as 4 then A (roughly near 2 but further in to miss the lee of the trees) then 5, 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.

There were 25 starters and Ellen (Laser) was first back through the start line followed closely by the Lasers of Mark B, Karen and Mike Tr. About a minute later Newton (Solo) crossed the line in 5th place leading the gaggle of Jeremy, Curtis and Joe in Lasers, then Dave & Ann (Leader), Chris H (Comet), Ralph (Laser) Mike C & Sam (Wanderer), Sally & Stuart (Leader). Finally Steve had chance to draw breath for a minute before Rick (Laser) came along in company with Dean & Nick (Vago), Chris A (Solo), Mike T (Laser), Paul H (Laser), Adrian (Vago s/h), Ron (Mirror), Emily (Topper), Nigel (Laser) and Jemima (Oppie) with Chris & Carol (420) bringing up the rear. This lot were virtually line astern and we can thank our lucky stars that someone else (namely Steve and his team) was having to log them across the line!  Mike A (Lightning) did not make it across the line as his mainsheet came adrift.

Ellen still led at the end of the second lap with Karen overtaking Mark and Mike Tr to move up to 2nd place. The next four maintained station, but Ralph moved up two places to 9th and Rick passed Sally & Stuart to move to 13th. Paul H gained two places by passing Chris A and Mike T and further back Nigel also gained two places.

On the third lap Mark B took the lead with Karen still in 2nd and Ellen slipping to 3rd place. Mike Tr, Newton and Jeremy held their places, but Ralph moved up two to 7th by passing Curtis and Joe. Rick had a good lap moving up three places to 10th and Dean & Nick made up four to move to 11th. Paul H and Adrian both gained a place. Jemima and Chris & Carol received the finish gun at the end of the lap.

At the end of the fourth and last lap there was no change in the first six, but Joe had regained two places to finish in 7th place. Mike C & Sam pipped Dave & Ann to take the double handed honours and Chris H got past Dave & Ann. Mike T made up two places by passing Adrian and Nigel. Poor Chris A having sailed all four laps found himself disqualified for sailing the wrong course!

The final order on the water was – 1st Mark B; 2nd Karen; 3rd Ellen; 4th Mike Tr; 5th Newton; 6th Jeremy.

On corrected time the order should be – 1st Mark; 2nd Newton; 3rd Karen; 4th Ellen; 5th Mike Tr; 6th Mike C & Sam

Thanks to Steve S and the OOD team of Ferdinando, Hugh, John H and Rich F.