Spring Series 10 – 5th May 2019

The wind was considerably lighter (about 2 – 8 mph from the NW) than yesterday, when the new trainees had to put up with a brisk cold wind. Paul R set the first mark as A (red flag) then 4, 1, 5, 9, 2 and back through the start

Pursuit Race

There were 15 starters and it was good to see Issy making a return to the water. First man away Ron (Mirror) managed to hold on to the lead right to the end of the allotted time. Chris H (Comet) who was second away was still 2nd at the end of the first lap but was caught by Simon B (Blaze) and others.

The final order was –

1st Ron (Mirror); 2nd Simon (Blaze); 3rd Mike T (laser0; 4th Richard S (laser0; 5TH Julian B (D-Zero); 6th Chris H (Comet)

Handicap Race

The wind turned more to the West for the second race, so Paul tweaked the course to A, 4, 2, 9, 5, but finished the race at 9.

Julian (D-Zero) was first back through the line chased by Simon in his Blaze. It was over two minutes before the next man crossed the line, Richard S (Laser) and he was followed by a close bunch with Chris H (Comet) leading Jon (Laser), Rick (Laser), Adrian (Rooster), Mike T (Laser) and Mike & Issy (Leader). A minute later Bill (K1) and Jeremy (Laser) crossed the line battling for 10th spot. Then there was a slight gap back to Chris A (Solo) and Dave & Ann (Leader) with Ron (Mirror) and Rhys (4.7) bringing up the rear of the fleet.  

Only one more lap and Simon managed to catch and pass Julian to finish in 1st place with Richard S still secure in 3rd. Mike T and Mike & Issy gained four places to move up to 4th and 5th respectively. Bill retired so everyone behind him moved up a place, but Dave & Ann gained another place by passing Chris A and Ron and Rhys continued their battle at the back of the fleet.

The final order on the water was –

1st Simon; 2nd Julian; 3rd Richard S, 4th Mike T; 5th Mike & Issy; 6th Chris H

On corrected time this should change to –

1st Simon; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Ron; 4th Richard S; 5th Julian; 6th Mike & Issy.

Thanks to Paul and the OOD Team of Nick, Philip M and Robbie H. ffffffff