May Day Pennant – 6th May 2019

Last year May Day was hot and sunny, but this morning there was a cold bite to the wind, which was WNW varying from 8 to 10 mph. Paul R was on duty for the second day in a row, he used a Tektona start with a first mark of A (out near the buoy line) then B (just West of 2), 9, 5, 2, 1 and back through the start.

There were 10 starters including John and Linda’s Wayfarer and Rich Fisher’s Wanderer (good to see some different craft on the water).

Simon B (Blaze) and Julian (D-Zero)  joined battle again with Simon leading from start to finish, but Julian chasing him all the way. On the first lap Ralph (Laser) came through in 3rd place with Alistair S (Laser) about 30 seconds back in 4th, closely followed by Adrian (Vago s/h) in 5th place.  Then it was nearly two minutes before Nev (Comet) and John & Linda (Wayfarer) crossed the line together some way ahead of Mike A (Radial) with Rich (Wanderer) another 30 seconds further back. Finally came the two Mirrors of Ron and Dave P, who enjoyed a good battle all the way through the race.

Ralph retired on the second lap and Adrian got past Alistair to move up to 3rd and this was the only change in position.

On the third and fourth laps there were not any changes in position and Ron and Dave received the gun at the end of the fourth. The fifth lap was similar with no change in the order and the final positions on the water were –

1st Simon; 2nd Julian ; 3rd Adrian; 4th Alistair; 5th Nev; 6th John & Linda.

On corrected time the order becomes –

1st Simon; 2nd Julian B; 3rd Nev; 4th Ron; 5th Alistair; 6th Dave P

Congratulations to Simon on winning the Pennant.

Thanks to Paul and the OOD Team of Bill C, Chris A, Ian S and Marion T