Summer Series 6 – 8th July 2018

It was another hot sunny day with a light wind about 5-6 mph from the SW. James used a flagpole start with a first beat to X (positioned about hallway between 5 and 6 on the buoy line) then 9, 6, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race
There were 11 starters and even with the light wind nearly everyone managed to pass the start line twice before the gun went. At the end of the first lap Ron (Mirror) who started first was still leading with Hadey (Radial) in 2nd place, Mike A in 3rd and Mike Tr 4th. At the gun Hadey had just got past Ron to take the victory.
The final positions were –
1st Hadey; 2nd Ron; 3rd Karen; 4th Mike Tr; 5th Rick; 6th Mark B

Handicap Race
Dave I as usual decided to sit this one out so there were 10 starters. James changed the course to 6, 9, 5, 8 6, 7 and back through the start, which was repositioned.
At the end of the first lap Karen (Laser) was leading with Mike TR (Laser) not far behind with Hadey (Radial) about one minute further back in 3rd place. Next through the line was John W (Laser) only just ahead of Mark B (Laser) and Mike A (Lightning) then there was a small gap back to Paul H (Laser) and Peter R (Enterprise). Then over a minute and a half elapsed before Ron (Mirror) arrived just in front of Rick (Laser).

On the second lap the three leading boats maintained their positions, but Peter R moved up four places to 4th pushing John W down to 5th. Rick had gained four places to move up to 6th and everyone else lost ground. Mark retired on this lap probably frustrated by the vagaries of the wind which kept changing direction and strength.

The third and last lap saw Karen cross the line well ahead of Mike Tr in 2nd place. Peter R had gained another place to move to 3rd ahead of Hadey. Mike A gained two places to cross in 5th place with no other changes in order.

The final positions on the water were –
1st Karen; 2nd Mike Tr; 3rd Peter R; 4th Hadey; 5th Mike A; 6th John W

On Handicap, Ron will take victory, which makes it the second race in a row in which the last boat on the water has taken 1st place on Handicap! Karen drops down to 2nd place with Mike Tr 3rd, Mike A 4th, Hadey 5th and Peter R 6th.

Thanks to James and the OOD Team of Bea & Rhys P, Andrew & Thomas M, Jan & Paul H and Nick.