Gillette Series 19 – 17th August

The forecast was for an Easterly wind of 7 mph, but it turned out to be more of a NE wind between 0 and 5 mph! Rod used a Committee Boat start just North of Tektona with a first beat to X (which was in line with 7 but further down the lake) then 5p, 2s, 4s and back through the start. Well that was the plan, but the wind was so light that the course was shortened and the race finished at 2.
There were 12 starters, which was quite good considering the conditions. The fleet split into two groups at the start with one group heading out left to the buoy line and another group heading straight down the lake. Newton (Solo) led the buoy line group and Ellen who had gone to a full rig Laser led the middle of the lake group. Ellen rounded the first mark just in the lead from Newton so there was not that much difference in choice of course.
As to be expected in the light winds the fleet got well spread out and there was not a great deal of overtaking.
At the gun the positions on the water were 1st Newton (Solo), 2nd Ellen (Laser), 3rd Dean & Nick (Vago), 4th Julian W (Solo), 5th Karen (Laser) 6th Mike A (Lightning).
Dave I (Laser) was 7th just ahead of Bob (Solo) with Nev in the first Leader next, then Rick (Laser) followed by Dave & Ann in the second Leader and Paul H (Supernova).
On handicap the first two should keep their positions but Julian should move up to 3rd with Mike A 4th ,
Dean & Nick 5th and Karen 6th.
Edward and Joe were out in their Toppers and Jemima in her Oppie. Edward managed to ease away from Joe to lead at the finish and Jemima resolutely kept going to get a finish and a third place. After finishing her race Karen kindly remained on the water to sail alongside Jemima giving her encouragement.
The final position were 1st Edward, 2nd Joe, 3rd Jemima, but it is interesting to note that had Edward been sailing in the adult series he would have got a 2nd place on handicap!  
Thanks to Rod and the OOD Team of Bob H, Martin W and Neil B.

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