Spring Series 10 – 22 May 2016

It was a similar morning to last Sunday with a light wind which kept veering and changing in strength. At the start it was about 5 mph from the NW, but did not actually stay that way throughout the race!
Ian had difficulty in setting a start line because of the variable wind, but settled for an Island start with X as the first mark, positioned about midway between 5 and 4 on the buoy line, then 4p, 2p, 1p and back through the start line. Dave & Ann L decided to give an outing to their recently acquired Leader.
Pursuit Race
There were 17 starters and most of them arrived at the first mark at about the same time, which resulted in an interesting traffic jam. The more wily stayed wide and went round the outside avoiding the raft. The wind was so light that most of the fleet had not finished one lap when the finish gun went.
The order at this point was 1st Richard S (Laser), 2nd Karen (Laser), 3rd Hadey (4.7), 4th Mike A (Lightning), 5th Peter R (Enterprise), 6th James (Laser).
Handicap Race
Dave I (Radial), Peter R, James P and Alistair S (Laser) could not stand further excitement and settled for a cup of tea, but Roland & Ryan (National 12) and David C (Laser) decided to join in the fun.
At the end of the first lap it was a Laser clean sweep at the front with 1st David C, 2nd Karen and 3rd Richard S. Adrian (Rooster) was next followed by Dean & Nick (Vago) and Mike A.
David still led after the second lap, but Richard and Adrian had managed to get past Karen. Roland & Ryan had moved up three places to 5th and Chris A (Solo), Chris H (Comet) and Rick L (Laser) had all gained a place due to the retirement of John C (Topaz).
There were no changes in position on the third lap and Hadey, Rick, Gareth (Radial) and Dave & Ann received the finish gun at the end of this lap.
At the final lap David led across the line, but Adrian and Karen had managed to get past Richard to take 2nd and 3rd places and Jon (Laser) had got past Dean & Nick to move up to 6th and Chris A had moved up one place to 8th.
The final positions on the water were –
1st David; 2nd Adrian; 3rd Karen; 4th Richard; 5th Roland & Ryan; 6th Jon.
On Handicap David will still be 1st, but Karen and Richard should leapfrog Adrian with the other positions unchanged.  
Thanks to Ian C and the OOD Team of Catherine B, David M, Mike T, Julian W, Stephen and Oscar.

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