Gillette 6 – 18th May

Gillette 6 – 18th May 2016
The forecast was for a 10 mph West wind with some rain. In the event just before the start there was an absolute deluge and the rain was so heavy you could not see the far end of the lake!
Fortunately at the start the rain had abated somewhat but the wind had turned through 90°. Karen set a figure of eight course, 4p, 9p, 6s, 7s and back through the start.
There were only 10 starters and Ian (Supernova) pulled out a useful lead on the first lap with Curtis (Laser) 2nd and Newton (Solo) 3rd with the Lasers of Hugh and Rick next. These five were pulling away from the back five, which were led by Chris A (Solo) followed by Mike A (Lightning), Dean & Nick (Vago), Sally and Mike C (Leader) with Paul H (Supernova) bringing up the rear.
At the end of the second lap the first five came through in the same order and they had pulled even further away from back five. Dean & Nick had gained two places to move up to 6th and Sally & Mike C and Paul H had gained a place to move up to 8th and 9th.
At the end of the third and last lap the first six maintained position, but Paul had gained two places to 7th and Chris A had regained a place to finish 9th.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Ian; 2nd;Curtis; 3rd Newton; 4th Hugh, 5th Rick; 6th Dean & Nick.
On handicap Newton will leapfrog Curtis to take 2nd  and Sally & Mike C will push Dean & Nick out of 6th spot.
Thanks to Karen and the OOD team of Helene, Jessica, Chris H, Chris and Stuart.  

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