28th June Summer Series 4

With a 10 mph SW wind Mark set a beat down to 4, across to 2 then on to 3 and a run down to 8 then the typical 6, 7, start sequence.
There were 21 starters in the Pursuit Race and it was good to see the Mirrors of Pat and Gordon out and Richard B making an appearance in his Laser.
As usual William (Topper) was first back through start line followed by Gordon P (Mirror) then Ian C (Supernova), Karen (Laser), Peter S (Byte) and Steve P (Laser).
By the finish gun Ian had taken the lead with Karen 2nd and Jon (Laser) had moved up to 3rd.  Ellen & Newton (RS200) had moved up to 4th from 8th, Sylvia (Laser) was up to 5th from 9th and Steve P had kept 6th place.
Mike & Sally (Leader) and Pat and Gordon (Mirrors) decided one race was enough excitement for one day, so there were 18 starters for the Handicap Race.
At the end of the first lap Newton & Ellen RS200) were 1st, Ian C (Supernova) 2nd, and then the Lasers of Karen, Jon, Sylvia and Rod. Peter S (Byte) came through in 7th place followed by Curtis and Mike A in Lasers followed by Adrian (Vago). Then there were four more Lasers manned by Richard B, John W, Steve P and Alistair S. Next was Mike C (Solo) in a close battle with David M (Laser) and finally Hadey (4.7) and William (Topper).
On the second lap the first six boats had maintained their positions, but Mike A and Adrian had both moved up two places to 7th and 8th respectively. Steve P had moved up one place and David M was up two places.  
At the gun, Ian finished just ahead of Newton & Ellen with Karen a little way back in 3rd. Sylvia and Rod had both gained a place to move to 4th and 5th. There was a close battle between Jon and Mike A
for 6th place, Mike actually got in front of Jon round 6 and 7 only to lose out on the short dash to the line as Jon tacked slightly earlier. Curtis gained a place, John W and Mike C gained two places and Alistair S gained a place, so quite a lot of movement in this final lap.
The final positions on the water were 1st Ian C; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Karen. On handicap it is going to be very difficult to split 1st and 2nd but Karen should keep 3rd with Peter S just snatching 4th from Sylvia. (That’s a bad move Peter !)
Thanks to Mark B and the OOD Team of James H, Paul W and Bob H 

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