25 May Whitsun Pennant

Paul R used a Tektona start and with a 9 mph NW wind set a first beat straight up to 4 on the buoy line, then back down to 2 across to 9 and on to 8, turn left (or perhaps that should be hard to port) up to 5 then down to 1 and back up through the start.
There were 12 starters and welcome to James and William Hawkins. Richard S kindly woke Mike A up just before the start with a T-bone (no – not a steak !)
There was a slight traffic jam at the first mark, but everyone eventually got round.
David C (Laser) led at the end of the first lap with the Lasers of Richard S and Karen crossing the line together in joint 2nd place with Jon also in a Laser in 4th place.  Monica (Europe) was right up with the leading Lasers in 5th place and then there was a slight gap back to Newton & Ellen (RS200) in 6th. Then there was a bigger gap back to Mike A (Lightning) and Mike C (Solo) who were followed by Chris M & lady friend  in his 420 (apologies but no name was entered on the  Declaration Sheet). Tracey & Amy were next along in their Leader just ahead of James H (Laser) and William H (Topper).
By the second lap Newton & Ellen had come through from 6th to 3rd place and the only other mover (in the right direction) was James H who had gained two places.
Lap 3 and Newton & Ellen had passed Karen to take 2nd place and Richard S who had slipped to 6th on the second lap was now up to 4th. The rest of the fleet retained their positions.
At the end of Lap 4 Chris & lady friend had decided to retire from the fray, which moved everyone below them up one place, but Tracey & Amy went one better by passing James.
The fifth lap was the last and there was only one change in position as James had repassed Tracey & Amy. They had been together the whole of the race and enjoyed a great tussle.
The final positions on the water were 1st David C; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Karen; 4th Richards S; 5th Jon; 6th Monica.
The only change on handicap is likely to be Monica leapfrogging Jon.
Thanks to Paul R and his OOD team Carol M, Hadey, Nev R, Bill C and Paul W.

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