08 March Spring Pursuit 1

Simon B set a beat up to 3 then back along the buoy line to 4, towards the island and round 9, across to 2 then back towards the island and around 1 finishing the course round 6 and 7.
There were 23 starters but being a pursuit race they did not all go off together and first away were William P and William D in their Toppers followed four minutes later by Curtis in his Otter (yes an Otter on the lake !), two  minutes later John C  went off in his Topaz and then three and a half minutes after that by Hadey (4.7). Mike & Sally (Leader) were next away followed one and a half minutes later by Mike C (Solo) and the two Radials of John W and Steve S. Then it was the turn of Newton & Ellen (Laser 2000) to set off with Peter R (Enterprise) following one minute later and the pack of 11 Lasers starting one and a half minutes after Peter and finally Ian C another one and half minutes after the Laser pack. 
James P got pushed the wrong side of the start mark by David C (legally) (note for those that don’t know, you can’t claim water at the start mark). James then turned hit someone else and ended up doing a 720. Not the best of starts and his head must have been spinning by the time he got going. (Not to worry – he’s quite used to that !).
Mike and Sally somehow managed to capsize gybing at 4, some technical problem with the sheets ! always a good idea to blame the equipment, it never answers back.
At the end of the first lap William P was still in the lead with Curtis 2nd and John C 3rd but Steve S in his Radial was closing in and had just passed Hadey to take 4th place from her.
By the end of the second lap Curtis had taken the lead, William P was still in 2nd  but David C in the first of the Lasers had moved up to 3rd  pushing Steve S to 4th with Jon coming up to 5th.
At the end of the third lap and approaching the full time whistle David C was 1st, Jon C 2nd and Newton & Ellen had moved up to 3rd and Ian C to 4th.  The Lasers had come through and occupied the middle of the fleet and were having a terrific battle.
Ian eventually caught Newton & Ellen with about 5 minutes to go and called for water at 9, but he got hit by a gust and promptly capsized right at the mark. Newton & Ellen managed to slip through the gap and left him behind. Steve S and Richard S in close battle behind thought that that this was their chance but Ian got the boat up quickly, (he has had lots of practice) and kept his place
At the hooter the final positions were 1st David C; 2nd Jon C; 3rd Newton & Ellen; 4th Ian C; 5th Steve S and 6th Richard S.     

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