12th October Cobley 6

Last week we had a light wind Sunday and this week we had a no wind Sunday, with a 0 – 1 mph Northish ! Ian C had a real problem setting any sort of course in these conditions.
The lack of wind obviously put some off, as only 10 boats mustered for the off. First away at 4 minutes was young William P in his Topper followed 6 minutes later by Hadey (4.7), with Monica going 2 minutes later. Peter R was next away in the Enterprise with the reduced Laser pack of James P, Phil A, Dave I, Eddie B and Alistair S following one minute later and Steve P in his 505 11 minutes after the Lasers.
First through the start line after one lap was Peter followed by Monica then Hadey. Next came the three Lasers of James P, Dave I and Phil A pretty close together. Then there was a gap to William who was still holding off the Lasers of Eddie and Alistair with Steve bringing up the rear.
After two laps Monica and Eddie had retired, but Peter was still in the lead with James P moving up to 2nd, Dave I to 3rd,  Phil A to 4th  and Hadey  5th.  Steve P had by now passed Alistair and William to move up to 6th.
At the gun the first four were still the same but Steve had made up one more place to finish 5th.
The final podium was 1st Peter, 2nd James, 3rd Dave I.


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