5th October Cobley Race 5

Another sunny light wind Sunday, quite a change from the work party on the previous day at which everyone got soaked! The wind was forecast to be SSW 5 mph, but for the first half of the race it was barely more than a whisper.
Mike A set a beat down to 4 and then came back up the lake via 9, 5, X, 6 and 7 then back down to 4.
First off at 3 minutes was a Pico manned by a returning member, but in fact John C in his Topaz setting off at 10 min crossed the line before the Pico. Sally (Comet) should have gone at 12 min but joined in the general lethargy and let Hugh in his Byte cross the line just ahead of her. Monica next away must have found her Europe quite small as she was fresh back from racing tall ships down to Cherbourg. Nev (Leader) and the Radials of Jess and Paul W set out 2 min later, followed by Peter R (Enterprise) and then 1 min after Peter, was a diminished Laser pack consisting of Karen, Curtis, Dave L, James P and Eddie B. Last man away at 21 min should have been Adrian in his Vago, but James decided to join in the lethargy and let Adrian cross before him.
For a time it looked as if no-one would even get to 4 never mind back up the lake, but eventually Monica led the way down to X having passed John C who was hanging on in 2nd place. Having rounded X, Monica stalled and could not find any wind, which allowed the Lasers of Curtis, Dave and Karen to slip past. Coming away from 7, Karen had snatched the lead with Dave L  2nd and Curtis 3rd. Monica was still in 4th with Nev 5th, Hugh 6th and Peter 7th and Adrian 8th.
Curtis led coming down to X for the second time but Karen and Dave were not far behind and Karen managed to slip inside Curtis at No 6 to take the lead down to 7.
These three then engaged in a tactical tacking battle as they set out for No 4. Karen had a slight lead but with the end imminent she tacked just before the gun went giving the victory to Dave. Another second and she would have also ceded 2nd place to Curtis, who was outside her going down the buoy line, but the side of her boat was just ahead of Curtis’ bow at the gun. A really, really close finish at the end of 90 minutes.
Behind these Nev just managed to take 4th ahead of Peter, with Adrian coming just ahead of Monica. In the battle of the Radials Jess managed to get ahead of Paul.
Final positions were 1st Dave L, 2nd Karen, 3rd Curtis, all in Lasers.


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