Cobley 9. Sunday 20th October

Only 13 boats were being rigged this morning was this due to the thunder and lightning ??????? The forecast was strengthing winds . Between force 4 or 6 later. The laser sailors had no problem deciding what sail to use. That's if the remembered to pack it in their cars. Adrian didn't have this problem.

Adrian was the S.O.O.D. today and he had his full compliment of team. Zuki was manning a patrol boat with Sophie assisting her. Well done Zuki for your help today. Two boats required their help , the gusts were quite testing at times.

Rowland started at he meant to go on, what did he has for breakfast? Was he struck by lightning and the extra energy resulted him storming into a huge lead!

Final positions are :

1st. Rowland. 2nd. Newton 3rd. David

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