Gillette. Race 18.

20 boats were rigging in the boat park and rigging area. The wind was unusually lacking this evening , it was going to be a relaxed leisurely sail for a change. It was nice to see a full compliment of O.O.D. s so the race was going to be well supported.

Everyone took to the water. The start line was very congested and Dave I decided he wanted to try get a good start so he sailed straight across the start blocking the sailors who were inching up towards the line. Unfortunately his boat stopped and poor Adrian tried to take avoiding action but clipped Dave s boat . Not a good start for Adrian. Dave seemed to continue from his perfect position on the start line and sail away from the fleet. The first mark was reached by Paul in his Europe closely followed by Ian and Mark.

Ian crept ahead of Paul but he was concerned about whether he was far enough ahead or not. If Ian won then it would be very interesting in the Gillette leader board. The first 3 boats would have equal points with only one more race next Wednesday, but life isn't always that exciting and Paul beat Ian by 20 seconds.

1st. Paul. 2nd. Ian. 3rd. Newton

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