Cobley 6 – Racing Report

Sorry for the delay in writing this blog. I fell asleep during the race and have only just woken up! 17 boats took to the water but where was Steve in his 505. He was waiting and waiting for Lynne, where was she????????? the Jolly Sailor found out afterwards that she was distracted by a man on a bicycle!!!!!!!!! I have heard some excuses but that takes the biscuit!!!!!

So finally 18 boats took to the water. karen, Newton and Mark started well but the main fleet caught them up with the gusts of wind coming from behind. karen managed to keep her boat going and sailed away and caught up Peter and Monica who were having a ding dong battle together!!!

At this point in the race we have a new emerging star of Sunday morning racing was Mike in his Solo . His skill and determination managed to hold off the laser mob and cross the line in 3rd place , well done Mike!!!!!!

So final positions were

1st Peter 2nd Monica 3rd Mike

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