08/04/12 Easter Cup 1 and 2

Course 4,8,5,6,7,S.
Wind force 1-2
18 boats took to the water  to fight out for the Easter Cup.  The wind seemed fairly steady for race coming from the west.  The first mark was quite tight with the whole fleet battling to get round it first. David took for honours with Steve a close second. This was the case for the whole race. Roger was seen rigging his boat , didn’t his alarm go off or was he making sure he had plenty of time for the 2nd race. Only he would know.  It was good to see Newton s son crewing for him. We hope to see him more in the future.
the finishing 3 were as follows  :    1st  Steve   2nd David  3rd Ian
The following race was had the same course but 2 boats dropped out.   Ian had a great start and opened up a commanding lead. He was get clear air and  pulled away from the fleet.  Steve and David battled out for 2nd and 3rd. 
The finishing positions were as follows 1st Ian  2nd David  3rd Ian.

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