Frostbite Series 4 – 16th January 2022

With a light SW wind varying 2-5 mph, Ron set pretty well the same course as last week, 4, 9, 5, 6, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

11 starters this morning and it was good to see Chris and Toby out in their Omega.

In the light wind the earlier starting boats could not be caught by the faster handicap boats and the order at the gun was –  

1st Mike C/Solo; 2nd Chris H/Comet; 3rd Roland/Solo; 4th Dave & Ann/Leader; 5th Newton & Sam/RS200; 6th Aileen/Comet

The only Laser out today was Chris K and he was 7th with Alessandro & Mike T/470 next followed by Paul W/Morbic, Rick &Lottie/RS200 and Chris & Toby/Omega.

Handicap Race

Emily joined the second race, which turned out to be a one lapper with the first six boats fairly close together. Chris & Toby, Rick & Lottie and Paul retired leaving nine to finish.

The order on the water was – 1st Alessandro & Mike T; 2nd Roland; 3rd Mike C; 4th Chris H; 5th Chris K; 6th Aileen; 7th Emily; 8th Newton & Sam; 9th Dave & Ann.

On corrected time this changes to – 1st Chris H; 2nd Roland; 3rd Aileen; 4th Mike C; 5th Emily; 6th Chris K

Thanks to SOOD Ron Vass and the race team of Dean Jones, Georgina Howell, Hadey Lines, Luke Dixon, Mike Todd and Paul Hyde.

Frostbite Series 3 – 9th January 2022

With a SW wind about 10 mph, Ralph set the first beat down to 4, then A (going towards 2), 9, 5, 6, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

There were 15 starters and at the end of a lap the order was still pretty well the order that they had started, with the Comets of Aileen and Chris H followed by the Solos of Roland S and Mike C with Karen/Radial in 5th place and the first Laser of Mike T in 6th. At the gun the order was -1st Chris H; 2nd Aileen; 3rd Mike C; 4th Roland; 5th Paul R (who was last to get away in his Aero); 6th Karen

Handicap Race

Mark opted out of this one, so the fleet was now down to 14.

First back across the line was Paul/Aero and he led for all three laps of the race. The boats behind Paul were very close at the end of the first lap with Roland S in 2nd place leading James P/Laser, Newton & Sam/RS200, Darren/Laser and  Mike T/Laser , all covered by 45 seconds. Karen/Radial crossed in 7th place just one second ahead of Mike C/Solo with Chris H/Comet, Rick/Laser and Dave & Ann/Leader not far behind them.  Jon/Laser came through 30 seconds later in 12th place, surprising for him as he is usually up towards the front. Also surprising was Aileen/Comet back in 13th after her stellar second place in the first race! At the back Paul W was sailing merrily along in his Morbic.

By the end of the second lap, Paul had increased his lead at the front and Darren had moved up three places to 2nd with James still in 3rd with Roland down to 4th. Newton & Sam had a bit of a fracas at No 4 and had to do turns resulting in Mike T, Mike C and Chris H all getting past them. Further back Jon gained two places getting past Dave & Ann and Rick. Paul W received the gun at the end of his second lap.

Paul finished in 1st place and James managed to pip Darren for 2nd spot. There was a really tight battle for 4th place with Roland crossing just one second ahead of Mike T. Jon had a good last lap moving up four places to 6th and Dave & Ann gained a place by passing Karen.

The order on the water was – 1st Paul; 2nd James P; 3rd Darren; 4th Roland; 5th Mike T; 6th Jon.

On corrected time this changes to – 1st Chris H; 2nd Roland; 3rd James P; Equal 4th  Paul and Darren; 6th Mike T

Well done to Chris H with another double in his Comet.

Thanks to SOOD Ralph and the team of Alessandro, Bea, Chris Knt, Gareth E, Hadey and Jewels.

New Year Cup – 2nd January 2022

It was quite a pleasant morning for the cup race with a SW wind about 15 mph. Mike A set the first mark as 4 then 2, 9, 5, 6, 7 and back through the start.

There were 32 boats out, which may be a record for the New Year Cup and will take some beating as we go through 2022. It was good to see some new racers out and some returning after a spell away.

At the end of the first lap, James C/RS300 was already well in the lead with the Lasers of Mark and Ralph chasing followed by Newton & Sam in the RS200 and Roland in his Solo. Ed/Radial came through in 6th not far ahead of Ken/Laser and Karen and Richard S in Radials and Chris K in another Laser. Then there was a large group battling for the mid-fleet positions with Emily/4.7, Dave & Ann/Leader, James P, Adrian, Jeremy and Rick in Lasers, Ella and Will in Radials and Mike C/Solo all in the mix. About a minute later Jewels/Mirror crossed the line leading Hattie/Radial and the Comets of Aileen and Chris H with Ron in his Mirror another minute further back. William/Topper and Dan S/Pico were having a good battle ahead of the Toppers of Francis, Peter A and 47518 (sorry we did not get your name down) and the Pico of Rebecca S. Paul W in his Morbic was the lanterne rouge holder, which was not surprising as he decide to change his rigging on the water during the start sequence!

Lap 2 saw no change in the order of the first five, but Chris K had moved up to 6th. Further back Adrian gained two places passing Ken and Dave & Ann and Mike C, Jewels and Hattie got past Ella. In the battle of the Comets Chris was just ahead of Aileen and William in his Topper was just holding off Dan in the Pico.

On Lap 3, Richard S moved up to 5th with no change in the positions ahead of him. Ken and Adrian and Will were fighting for 12th place with Dave & Ann in 14th and they were managing to stay ahead of Rick and Jeremy. Mike C was ploughing a lonely furrow and behind him Hattie had passed Jewels. Then there was a really close battle for 19th place between Chris H and Aileen with Ron not far behind them. By this time a number of the back markers had retired, but Peter A and Paul W had persevered and were finished at the end of their third circuit.   

The end of Lap 4 saw James C even further ahead, but Mark, Ralph and Newton & Sam still retained their positions behind him. Roland had regained 5th spot with Chris K still 6th and Ed had moved past Karen to 7th with Richard S and Emily behind her. Adrian, Will and James P (recovering from an earlier capsize) passed Dave & Ann to move up places and these were the last to avoid being lapped by James C finishing his race, although Rick did a bit of wiggling to ensure he was lapped! So, Rick, Jeremy, Mike C, Hattie, Chris H, Jewels, Aileen, Ron, Dan, William all received the gun at the end of this lap.

At the end of the fifth and last lap James C crossed the line in 1st place some four minutes ahead of Mark in 2nd. Chris K and Karen both gained places on this last lap to finish 5th and 6th.  The final order on the water was –

1st James C; 2nd Mark; 3rd Ralph; 4th Newton & Sam; 5th Chris K; 6th Karen. 

On corrected time there were some significant changes with the order becoming –

1st Mark/Laser; 2nd Emily/4.7; 3rd Jewels/Mirror; 4th Ralph/Laser; 5th Karen/Radial; 6th Chris K/Laser.

Thanks to SOOD Mike A and the race team of Adrian B, Bea P, Chris & Toby B, Frantz C, Jess B and Marcin T.

Boxing Day Pennant 2021

Not much wind this morning and only seven made it to the line for the post- Christmas dinner workout !

At the end of the first lap, Rhys/Laser led from Newton & Crew/RS200 with Chris K/Laser in 3rd place. Then along came the Solos of Steve S and Roland followed at a distance by Chris H/Comet and Ron/Mirror.

By the end of the second lap Rhys had slipped back to 5th place being overtaken by the four behind him who actually maintained their order, but all five were only separated by a few seconds.

With the wind disappearing the third lap took longer than the previous two laps together! Chris K crossed the line in 1st place with Steve 2nd, Rhys 3rd and Newton 4th. Significantly Chris H had passed Roland to finish in 5th place and Ron had decided not to bother with this lap!

On corrected time the Pennant will be waved by Chris H with his Comet handicap.

Thanks to SOOD James P and the race team of Bea, Brian M, Constanta and Peter A.