Frostbite 13th Jan

Anybody who wanted to race had to wade through the post flood mud and claw through the ice to rig their boat. Deep joy. Still a dozen intrepid ( is that the word ?) souls took to the water.  The OOd team kept them guessing the course until, well , a bit after the last minute. Maybe they where trying to remember how to actually do a race, it’s been so long waiting for the water to fall.

The gentle easterly breeze was never going to cause much of an adrenaline rush, and any white knuckles where purely a product of the wind chill.   A bit of close quarter jostling and the race got off with  Clay jnr & snr chasing Chris up the lake  and down the interminable rum to buoy 2.

Paul and Neville teamed up in the Ent but too much Xmas turkey meant they couldn’t hold off planing Laser jockeys like Mark on the reaches. Steve and Lynn got in some kite flying but their cunning plan of shortcutting the course didn’t go unoticed earning them a DSQ.  Steve consoled himself with some short dated mince pies in the galley, but Lynn went home to huddle up to a hot water bottle and thaw out her hands. So Steve ate her pie too. And her soup !

Might have to break the ice if you want to sail on Sunday.

Back in Action

RSC is back in action
thanks to
those hardy souls
who braved the mud, cold & wet
to get things cleaned up.

The grounds are is still waterlogged
& muddy
so please take extra care
on the jetties, ramps,
and pathways.

Please bring your own drinking
water until further notice.

Work Party Saturday 12th January

Work Party 
Saturday 12th January
9.30 onwards
followed by
Pink Fleet

The water has dropped
and the clean-up begins (again !)
the red shed and boatpark
are a right mess
so lots to do
before sailing commences
bring wellies
and your own drinking water

see you there

Work Party

Work Party Postponed
Saturday 12th January
its stopped raining so
lets hope the water level
drops soon

We plan to combine Pink Fleet with
Work Party
so there will be plenty of bacon rolls
to encourage a rapid clean up
of the red shed
followed by the usual
Pink Mayhem
on the water.

Fingers crossed
we’ll keep you posted here.